The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued a decision approving the framework of a programme to develop high-tech industries.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued Decision 1992/QD-BCT approving the framework of a programme to develop a number of high-tech industries.

The decision aims to firm up the objectives and contents of the Prime Minister's decision on national hi-tech development programme by 2030.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that a number of high-tech projects have been successful in the period 2011-20, helping businesses quickly master advanced high technologies and create positive socio-economic effects.

In the context of Viet Nam's deeper integration in the global value chain and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the country has been embracing many opportunities and challenges, and the Government has made many decisions to create conditions for the development of high-tech industries, ensuring the development of science and technology in many fields to keep pace with regional and world development.

The programme will further enhance previous scientific and technological achievements, and deploy tasks and projects in line with the requirements of the industry and trade sector and the country in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

Accordingly, the programme aims to develop and master a number of high technologies with priority given to investment and development to reach advanced levels in the region, effectively applying them to product production and high-tech services provision.

At the same time, it targets the application of high and advanced technology in the fields of industry and energy.

The programme will also boost the production of high-tech products and the provision of high-tech services, aiming at increasing the export revenue in the processing and manufacturing industry.

To effectively implement these goals, Tran Viet Hoa, director of the Science and Technology Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that the ministry would organise activities to support economic groups, corporations and enterprises in key economic sectors to research, develop and master core and key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

Hoa also said that the department would create maximum conditions for units to register to participate and guide them to perform duties properly.

Source: VNS