A UNSC briefing chaired by India, the current president of the Security Council.

Ambassador Pham Hai Anh, deputy representative of the Vietnamese Delegation to the United Nations, made the call at a UN Security Council briefing on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts on August 19.

It’s imperative to promote comprehensive anti-terrorism measures and ensure joint efforts in accordance with the UN Charter and international law, said Anh.

She suggested that the UN Security Council effectively use available tools to repel terrorist threats, noting that terrorist are making use of new technologies to mobilise financial resources, recruit militants and increase activities.

During the briefing, UN rapporteurs pointed out that social distancing measures against COVID-19 have impacted terrorist activities in areas without hostilities, but terrorist threats seem to be increasing in conflict zones.

Notably, they said IS affiliates and related organizations have increased their presence in West Africa and the Sahel, East and Central Africa, Afghanistan and other parts of South Asia.

The rapporteurs emphasized the need to step up counter-terrorism efforts, from the national, regional, to global levels, in which the UN Security Council plays the central role.

UN Security Council members expressed their concerns about some of the latest developments in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to prevent terrorists from using the area as a ‘safe haven’.

The meeting released a press statement reaffirming the international community’s determination to eliminate terrorism. The press statement also emphasizes the need to strengthen international cooperation on counter-terrorism aiming to maintain peace, stability and development.

Source: VOV

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