vietnam commemorates victims of traffic accidents picture 1
Participants light candles in commemoration of traffic accident victims at the ceremony. (Photo: VGP)

In his opening speech, Transport Minister Nguyen Van Thang expressed his sadness at the fate of traffic accident victims and the loss suffered by their loved relatives.

“Every day, many people leave their homes but some never return or if they return, they suffer lifelong disabilities. Many families also live their hard life because of traffic accidents,” he said.

The minister cited a report by the National Traffic Safety Committee saying 9,826 traffic accidents happened in the first 10 months of 2023, killing 5,496 people and injuring 6,973 others.

He said the damages caused by traffic accidents are irreparable, pointing out that thousands of families were hurt because of traffic accidents; husbands and wives were separated, and families lost children, while many children suddenly became orphans.

“Those losses are negatively affecting the country’s socio-economic development, creating insecurity every time a journey begins,” he said.

The minister proposed that administrations introduce more effective solutions to improve state management capacity of traffic order and safety, with top priority to be given to ensuring the safety, health, and peaceful life of the people.

He also called on everyone to comply traffic laws and join hands to build a safe, civilized and compassionate traffic environment.

Source: VOV