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Commenting on the draft documents of the 13th Party Congress, many experts said that to make a breakthrough, Vietnam must have an elite team, and without sufficient policies to encourage talented people, Vietnam cannot rise up.

The Vietnamese brain will decide

"Vietnamese have nothing but brains to develop the country in the future." 

The nation's "career" of today

Preparing for the 13th Party Congress after 75 years of independence and 45 years of reunification, Vietnam has made many spectacular strides compared to the past.

Vietnam has room to climb up global value chains

According to experts, to participate more deeply in the global value chain, Vietnam must be able to do sophisticated steps. Meanwhile, Vietnam's GDP will also increase faster.


Reforms to be growth driver in 2020

Institutional reforms will continue to be the major growth driver in 2020 and beyond, while a focus would be placed on removing barriers and connecting firms to establish value chains, VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc said.

Not too many macro fluctuations expected for 2020

Vietnam’s macroeconomy in 2020 is forecast to face somewhat more challenges of growth and inflation than in 2019. However, basically, the overall picture will not have many hues different from last year.


Economists warn GDP growth target a challenge

Vietnam's economy experienced good economic results in 2019, but it will be a challenge to repeat the strong growth this year.


Connectivity is key to Vietnam’s deeper integration

Developing quality connective infrastructure and logistics is crucial to lower trade costs and boost Vietnam’s further integration in both global and domestic markets.

Growth prerequisites in place

Mr. Ousmane Dione, World Bank Country Director for Vietnam, discusses the growth in Vietnam's economy in 2019 and the prospects for 2020.