Vietnam has successfully conducted first coffee auction during the Vietnam Amazing Cup 2023.

20 coffee roasters from Vietnam and abroad introduced six Robusta and an Arabica bean samples at Vietnam Coffee Auction 2023.

Beans were evaluated by professional coffee specialists through cupping techniques.

Notably, auctioned products were processed in the crop year at the time of the auction, either by the washed or honey or natural processing methods.

Le Duc Huy, vice chairman of the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association, said that the organization of the auction was to directly connect domestic and foreign roasters with special coffee producers, to commercialize high-quality coffee products and create added value for Vietnamese coffee.

Earlier at the final round of the Vietnam Specialty Coffee Contest 2023, the organizing board also announced 71 samples to be certified for Vietnamese specialty coffee in 2023, top 10 specialty Arabica coffee and top 10 specialty Robusta coffee.

Source: VOV