Vietnam IT Day 2023 to take place in Australia hinh anh 1

This is a chance for IT businesses and experts to meet, exchange knowledge and explore cooperative opportunities, the website said.

According to it, currently, the IT market in Australia is opening up many opportunities for Vietnamese companies.

The website said Australia has a stable economy and pours large investment into the IT industry, and Australian companies are looking for qualified IT solutions and service providers to enhance performance and competitiveness. 

The Oceania country is also speeding up technological innovation and digital transformation in areas such as healthcare, energy, logistics, security, and data analytics. With low wages and the ability to provide qualified services, Vietnamese IT companies can become attractive partners for Australian businesses, said.

It quoted Nguyen Quang, chairman of GITS Group- the organiser of Vietnam IT Day 2023, as saying that Vietnamese IT firms can seek cooperative and investment opportunities in Australian start-up projects but they must comply with Australian regulations and standards as well as set up sustainable partnerships with companies of the Oceania country.

He held that the IT workforce of Vietnamese origin, who are studying, living, and working in Australia, will serve as an effective bridge for collaboration between the two sides, not only in terms of language but also in terms of workplace culture and business practices.

As Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign investors and startups, partnering with or investing in Vietnamese technology companies can help Australian companies access potential startups and innovative ideas, Quang added./. VNA