At a port in Hai Phong. (Photo: VNA)

A VIMC representative said the route is expected to ease pressure on cargo transportation, stabilise the supply of transport services and support domestic firms.

On October 26, the first Vietnamese container ship passed through Malacca Straits to bring goods to Malaysia and India - major markets of the domestic exporters and importers.

The Hai Phong – Klang Port – Calcutta – Klang Port – SP-ITC route will link Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong’s ports with the largest gateways of India, saving transport time by over 10 days.

Next year, VIMC will continue investing in a fleet of specialised, high-capacity and modern container ships, seeking cooperation opportunities with foreign partners, perfecting its management model to become a national container transport group.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese exporters and importers incurred higher logistics costs, including container shipping costs on waterway. Delivery time also prolonged, affecting their orders and prestige.

Source: VNA