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Cutting costs crucial to survival of VN maritime transport

Cutting costs is critical for the maritime transport sector, which is seeing a slowing down in activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seaports struggle as imports drop from Europe, South Korea, ASEAN

Seaports are bearing negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic as the major partners of Vietnam are reducing orders. However, experts still see positive prospects.

Cargo through seaports grows despite virus

The number of ships docking at Vietnamese seaports has fallen due to COVID-19 pandemic, but the volume of goods passing through the ports has recorded impressive growth.


COVID-19: vessels via seaports down, cargo up 10 percent

The Vietnam Maritime Administration (VMA) has reported that the total arrivals of vessels leaving or entering Vietnamese seaports from China or countries hit by COVID-19 outbreak neared 6,790 as of the early March.

Ships from China to be quarantined before entering Hai Phong

Hai Phong city’s port authority has required all ships traveling from China’s ports to the locality within 14 days to be medically quarantined at the Hon Dau anchorage before entering Hai Phong port.

Vietnamese shipping industry adequate to meet rising demand: Vinalines

Vietnam’s ports and shipping industry is more than sufficient to meet the country’s demand in import-export activities.

Vietnamese port infrastructure needs solutions to keep pace with growth

The Vietnamese port industry needs further investment to keep pace with the country’s rapid economic growth and reduce logistic costs for businesses.


More than 500 scrap containers sent back in first six months

As of June, more than 500 containers of waste which failed to meet Vietnam’s import requirements had been re-exported this year, said the Vietnam Maritime Administration on August 11.

Vietnam moves to modernise shipping fleet

Vietnam’s sea transport sector has maintained good growth recently with the volume of goods transported by the Vietnamese fleet reaching more than 81 million tonnes in the first half of 2019.


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Marine port authority office to be set up in Truong Sa district

 A decision to establish a representative office of the Nha Trang Maritime Port Authority in Truong Sa island district, central Khanh Hoa province, was announced on November 15.