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UK pop group 911, Duc Phuc celebrate Valentine’s Day with remake

A music video (MV) by English pop group 911 and Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc has attracted more than 958,000 views only one day after its release on YouTube on February 9.

Vietnam’s first multi-nationality youth orchestra makes debut

The Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYO) made its debut at the Hanoi Opera House on September 8 with a concert “ VYO Grand Concert”.

Vietnamese indie singers make their mark

A new generation of singers not following any trend or making expensive music videos have gained great popularity on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

Buc Tuong rock band to return after 9-year halt

One of the country’s leading rock bands, Buc Tuong (The Wall) will return to the stage on April 2 after a nine-year halt.

Billboard Music Charts to be officially launched in Vietnam

The Billboard Music Charts, one of the most respected and recognized music charts globally, will be officially launched in Vietnam on January 14, marking a historic moment for Vietnam’s music industry.

Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra set up

The Vietnam Youth Music Institute (VYMI) has just put forward an initiative to establish Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYO) with the support and strategic cooperation from Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO).

Cai luong opera star releases music video online

People’s Artist Bach Tuyet, a cai luong (reformed opera) performer, has made waves with a new music video, released on YouTube on January 3.  

50 artists perform in MV praising Buddhism

Fifty singers and theatre performers in HCM City appear in a special video music (MV) on YouTube praising Buddhism, life and people. 

Vietnamese artists cover ABBA’s Gimme Gimme Gimme

A group of successful Vietnamese female artists have teamed up to release a popular music video covering the song 'Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)' by ABBA.

Music project motivates people to stay optimistic

People are encouraged to send videos of their singing performances and positive messages to the non-profit music project Chạm - Sing&Share (Touch - Sing&Share) as a way to motivate the community to stay optimistic amid the pandemic.

Music project for young artists launched

Young artists are encouraged to take part in a music project called Production House, recently launched by Bpro Entertainment in HCM City.

9x man sets up special symphony orchestra in Vietnam

A special symphony orchestra in Vietnam has given disabled artists who only performed on the street the opportunity to stand on big stages like any other professional artist.

First English-Vietnamese bilingual books released in the US

Cuốn 10 Khúc Đồng Dao được chọn vào danh sách các dự án Project We Love của Kickstarter, và cuốn Màu của Tết nằm trong danh sách các sách về ngày Tết đáng đọc của tạp chí Ditto (Mỹ).

'Vietnam Idol' winner releases music video of hit song

Several famous spots in and around the central city of Da Nang feature in Giữa Đại Lộ Đông Tây (On the East-West Boulevard), the latest music video of singer Uyen Linh, winner of Vietnam Idol 2010.

Well-known musician Bao’s new album released

Musician, mixer and producer Quoc Bao has released his latest album featuring top hits from the 1990s and early 2000s in HCM City. 

Vietnam-based band achieves international recognition from Spotify

Vietnam-based Indie/Rock band SHADYLANES has had their song Headlock placed on an internationally recognised playlist by Spotify curators.

Late musician-author Son’s art appears on YouTube

Songs and music pieces by late musician and author Bac Son, one of the region’s leading artists in music, theatre and movies in the 1980s and 90s, can be seen on a YouTube channel.

Online music contest for rappers launched

Professional and underground rappers are encouraged to take part in an online contest which is called Bắt Beat Hay-Bắn Rap Đỉnh (Creating Beat-Shooting Rap), which has been launched in HCM City. 

Local music market sees reboot in next two months

The local music market is coming back to life with multiple performances scheduled for music lovers across the country in March and April.

Vietnamese soprano to pay tribute to Italy in her debut concert

Despite facing many difficulties caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese soprano Hien Nguyen will have her debut concert in Hanoi next month.