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Several important results in recent years were gained during the IT park development master plan to 2020. However, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) pointed out that in many localities, the connection and cooperation among IT parks and industrial zones to form an infrastructure system remains weak. 

This affects the capability of attracting investment and promoting the IT industry. Also, the development of IT parks is still not commensurate with the great potential of large cities.

MIC believes that in order to implement the key strategy on IT parks, the government needs to give priority to capital for investment to create driving forces to attract resources.

Integrated into the national ICT infrastructure development and provincial and regional socio-economic development planning, the ICT industry infrastructure plan will specify the regions and localities which have advantages for concentrated IT park development. 

Regarding the significance of the clusters of concentrated ICT parks, the representative of the Institute of Information and Communications Strategy said the new planning has arranged spaces for concentrated ICT parks in six key economic zones.

“The development of concentrated IT parks in accordance with the new planning will create favorable technical infrastructure and business environment for technology firms, thus helping develop the country’s key business field – digital technology industry,” he said.

“These will also be incubators for new businesses, startup activities and innovation. Moreover, they will be the country’s human resource development centers,” he added.

The ICT infrastructure development planning in the new period comprises five components linked closely with each other. 

While the postal network ensures physical flow, the digital infrastructure ensures data flow, IT applications maintain the flow of knowledge to each person, and network information security ensures national sovereignty.

It’s expected that 12-14 IT parks and software park chains will be developed in localities throughout the country by 2025, and the figure will be 16-20 by 2030

IT parks will be built in six economic zones with positions near data centers. Two or three concentrated IT parks will be developed in Hanoi, Da Nang and HCM City by 2030.

Le My