By 2022, Việt Nam’s export share reached 12 per cent on the global smartphone market, while India, a rival of Việt Nam in this market, ranked seventh with a little over 2.5 per cent export share, reported.

China continued to form the lion’s share by exporting half of the world’s smartphones in 2022.

Hong Kong, UAE, the Czech Republic, the US and South Korea are other major players in the export market.

According to the General Department of Customs, Việt Nam's export value of all types of phones and components in January reached more than US$5.5 billion, an increase of more than 50.4 per cent compared to December 2023 and an increase of 11.4 per cent year on year.

The US and China became the largest customers of Vietnamese phones and components.

In January, Việt Nam's exports to the US reached $1.39 billion, accounting for 25 per cent of the exports. Second was China with about $734 million, accounting for 13 per cent, and third was South Korea with $330 million.

The General Department of Customs' statistics also showed that in 2010, the export turnover of phone components and components only accounted for 3.2 per cent of total national export value, but this group of electronic products gained an annual average growth rate of 34 per cent in export value during the period of 2011-2021.

In 2023, overseas shipment of phones and accessories totalled $52.3 billion, down 9.7 per cent compared to 2022. Phones and accessories ranked second in export value, after computers, electronics and components.

According to an HSBC report, Việt Nam held 13 per cent of the global smartphone market share in 2021, being the second-largest smartphone exporter in the world.

Việt Nam now is also an attractive destination for big firms in the global phone and component industry, including Apple. At present, about 25 suppliers of Apple locate their factories in Việt Nam, reported. — VNS