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Vietnam – representative of UNESCO’s values

Since its entry to UNESCO in 1976, Vietnam has worked closely with UNESCO and its members to promote peace, development, solidarity and cooperation between nations and protect cultural values.

UNESCO is one of the principal organizations of the UN. Its ultimate goal is to achieve international peace and prosperity through international cooperation in education, science, and culture. UNESCO, through its cooperation activities, has promoted a culture of compassion, reason, and respect for diversity.




Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue receives UNESCO Representative to Vietnam Michael Croft. Photo: Thanh Hai



Vietnam, a responsible member of UNESCO

Over the past 44 years, Vietnam has proven to be a responsible member of UNESCO and promoted its image as a dynamic and culture-embraced country.

UNESCO Chief Representative in Vietnam Michael Croft said Vietnam represents UNESCO’s values of solidarity, tolerance, diversity, and harmony.

"In 1976, Vietnam was a different country - a country was newly unified but very much battered by decades of war. Despite its success on the battlefield, during the struggle for independence and freedom, the real victory for Vietnam was the victory of culture and peace and in that Vietnam itself represents the UNESCO values of solidarity, of tolerance, of inclusion, and of harmony", added Croft.

Vietnam boasts rich treasures of natural and cultural heritages. It now has 24 world tangible and intangible cultural heritages and natural heritages recognized by UNESCO.

The UNESCO representative pointed out that in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution, countries like Vietnam need to preserve their heritages and promote modern culture at the same time.

"It's hard to think of a country which does more to support and promote its cultural heritage than Vietnam. Vietnam has a rich tradition of cultural heritage. Vietnam also has a rich tradition of contemporary culture as well. So we believe that this is the time for a new culture resonance in the country so that moving forward not only that the country has rich cultural heritage but a country that promotes new culture, new cultural products, new cultural practices, and new culture industries which reflect also the modern Vietnam, the innovated Vietnam, the talented Vietnam, the Vietnam with things are not just made but things are designed", Croft noted.

UNESCO-Vietnam cooperation

Digital technology is creating challenges and opportunities for UNESCO that requires the organization and its members to change their strategy. Vietnam is included in UNESCO’s cooperation strategy in the 2020-2021 period.

UNESCO is working to make Hanoi a creative 21st century city with a vision that reflects Vietnam’s aspiration to become a dynamic and creative country.

As ASEAN Chair for 2020, Vietnam has authored several initiatives and cooperation programs that contribute to UNESCO’s activities. ASEAN has organized seminars on sustainable tourism development, human resource development for the 4th Industrial Revolution, and inter-parliamentary cooperation for the sustainable development of ASEAN.

Vietnam has also coordinated ASEAN member countries in implementing the UNESCO agenda with all these activities demonstrating close cooperation between Vietnam and UNESCO and ASEAN and UNESCO.



Ministry announces 23 new national intangible cultural heritages

Ministry announces 23 new national intangible cultural heritages

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to add 23 cultural icons to the list of national intangible cultural heritages.



Hanoi Tourism Festival 2023 takes place this week

Agricultural authorities draft plan to grow one million hectares of low-carbon rice

Twelve out of 13 provinces in the region have signed up for the plan. They have committed to reaching 200,000 ha next year, 719,000 ha in 2025, and over one million ha in 2030.

Top check-in places in Hai Phong

About 120 km from Hanoi’s center, Hai Phong is a famous port city and tourist destination in the North. The city’s symbol is a phoenix flower so it is known as the "red phoenix flower city".

Silicon Valley Bank collapse not to impact VN: VinaCapital

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse by itself will end up being neutral for Viet Nam’s stock market and economy, Michael Kokalari, chief economist at investment fund VinaCapital, has said in a report.

Careful consideration of special consumption tax on sugary drinks urged

Enterprises urge careful consideration to be given to the Ministry of Finance’s proposal to impose a special consumption tax on sugary drinks to ensure harmonisation of benefits between the State, consumers and producers.

VN pharma companies urged to invest in R&D, improve competitiveness

It is critical for pharmaceutical companies to improve competitiveness with a focus on research and development (R&D), production technology and digitalisation.

Bamboo Airways finds a new investor

A representative of Bamboo Airways confirmed that the airline had found a new investor to replace the old shareholders, former Chairman Trinh Van Quyet and other related shareholders.

Quang Ninh to have another airport on Co To Island

Co To Island, about 170 kilometers from Hanoi, has great potential for sea and island tourism.

Da Nang has new IT park

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has signed a decision recognizing the FPT office complex in Danang City as a concentrated information technology park.

Doctors have to work 10 years at public hospitals before earning US$400 a month

Many young doctors don’t return to the hospitals which fund their study after finishing their training courses. They leave for private hospitals where they can expect higher pay.

Real estate firms resume issuing bonds

Real estate businesses have issued nearly VND12 trillion worth of corporate bonds since Government Decree 08 came into effect on March 6.

‘Mama Muoi’ sells house, spends half her life taking care of 100 disabled children

Mrs. Tran Thi Cam Giang or Ma Muoi (Mama Muoi), 86, has spent the last 35 years at the Thien Duyen shelter in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City to establish a home, and adopt and care for children with unfortunate circumstances.

Da Nang Int’l Airport joins list of world's most improved airports: Skytrax

Da Nang International Airport in the central city of Da Nang has been named among the world's most improved airports and the best regional airports in Asia in the 2023 Skytrax World Airport Awards.

Vietnamese internet speed ranks 39th globally

Vietnam’s fixed broadband Internet speed in February jumped up six notches to 39th position worldwide compared to January, according to the rankings compiled by the Speedtest Global Index.

Stories behind the wooden sculpture that breaks VN records

The wooden art piece named "Vinh Quy Bai To" was made by artisans from the carpentry village of Ngoc Than for 27 months and is a work of great value.