(From left to right) Singer Nicole, band Ciipher and 1Min (Trot Singer) are artists trained and gained their fame at the World K-Pop Centre. The South Korean centre will cooperate with VTVcab to set up the same model hub in Vietnam in early 2023. Photo courtesy of World K-POP Centre

It is the result from a strategic cooperation signing deal between the Vietnam Television Cable Corporation (VTVcab) and South Korean World K-POP Centre on December 14 in Hanoi.

The two partners will establish a Korea-standard training centre which will provide a play ground for anyone who is passionate about K-Pop; build a training foundation and executive artist management for VTVcab's business strategy.

The first professional centre will also develop and spread K-Pop and V-Pop industries and cultures locally and internationally.

In addition, the Vietnamese music and entertainment area will also be part of the two sides’ investment as both believed there is big potential for business.

Speaking about the cooperation, Bui Huy Nam, general director of VTVcab believes the centre will be definitely a great success. It is because of the co-work between the World K-POP Center, which has had great experience in producing many famous South Korean artists, and VTVcab, which provides wide coverage in Vietnam, and the crazy love for K-Pop of Vietnamese people.

“It is the first time a music centre will offer a training service by South Korean experts who will take part in the training activities in person in Vietnam. They will play role in discover and bring out not only Vietnam but also the world Vietnamese music talents,” said Nam.

World K-POP Centre exclusive dance team W.I.P. — Photo courtesy of World K-POP Centre

He added that the centre will help people to set up their images, root their positions and grab success in careers.

"From what we have been doing successfully in South Korea, we hope the model will be also applied well in Vietnam’s entertainment and help the industry develop brilliantly,” said Park Sung Jin, general director of World K-POP Centre.

“(At the Vietnam centre) we will bring into play experiences taken from South Korea and resources of both two partners to give opportunities for Vietnamese young people to enjoy best professional environment to sharpen their abilities and spread their influence wide to not only Southeast Asia but also Asia and even the world.

“Currently, more than 400 artists have joined us in South Korea. Hope that we will receive and trained as many as that number and more in Vietnam.”

The centre is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2023 and more information will be released soon.

After its inauguration, a programme entitled ‘Click The Star’ to hunt, train and manage young talents according to a unique and attractive K-pop model will also be officially launched by VTVcab and World K-POP Centre.

World K-POP Centre is one of the best educational institution with a campus located in Namsan, centre of Seoul. It realises and spreads the K-pop culture to the world through cooperation with Seoul National University of Arts and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

General Director of VTVcab Bui Huy Nam (left) and Park Sung Jin, general director of World K-POP Centre, at the the signing ceremony. — Photo courtesy of VTVcab

In the line with the globalisation trend of Hallyu, the centre aims to promote balanced development of the Korean K-pop brand by fostering global trainers, financial resources for related industries in culture and arts.

The institution also conducts partnership with world broadcasters, entertainment and production agencies for professional artists and staff development.

Currently, it has had oversea branches in China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and Brazil among others. 

Source: Vietnam News