The vaccine, which had earlier been assessed several times by local and international agencies and tested on animals, meets all standards for being tested on humans, the local media reported.





The vaccine is expected to be tested on 20 volunteers, who will be divided into two groups. The Vietnam Military Medical Academy will be in charge of conducting the trial of the vaccine on people.

After three months of conducting the trial of the vaccine on a small group of people, the vaccine is set to be tested on a larger group of 400 volunteers.

In Vietnam, four firms are developing Covid-19 vaccines. While Nanogen is racing to test its vaccine on humans for the first stage of the clinical trial, two other firms are in the process of giving the vaccines to animals to assess safety.

The Ministry of Health has told the remaining one Covid-19 vaccince developer to continue to collaborate with Russia and contact the Chinese side to access its vaccine.

Some 200 companies and groups worldwide, including in Britain, Germany and the United States, are developing Covid-19 vaccines.

In related news, Hanoi City last night reported two Covid-19 patients who are a diplomat from Libya and a resident of Dong Da District testing positive for the virus again.

The Libyan diplomat, aged 54, was quarantined at Bac Tu Liem District after entering the country. On November 12, the patient flew to Turkey and returned to Vietnam with his wife and four children through Noi Bai International Airport on November 19.

They had their samples taken for Covid-19 testing after their arrival and their test results came back negative for the virus.

The Libyan diplomat on November 30 developed some symtoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. He tested positive for the virus on December 3, while his wife and four children tested negative.

Another patient, a 55-year-old-man, who had been tagged as the country’s 1,150th case, was discharged from the hospital after he made a full recovery from Covid-19 on December 1. He was quarantied at home and had his sample taken for the virus on December 3. His positive test result came out on December 4.

He is being treated at the National Hospital for Tropital Diseases in Hanoi City, while his daughter and a taxi driver who came into close contact with the patient are under home quarantine.



Vietnam expects to massively produce own Covid-19 vaccine by mid-2022: Expert

Vietnam expects to massively produce own Covid-19 vaccine by mid-2022: Expert

Currently, four Vietnamese pharmaceuticals are researching anti-Covid-19 vaccines.