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Since since the 2013 volleyball season when the VFV banned foreign players from playing in the national championship, Vietnamese volleyball clubs are finally allowed to hire foreign players.

Former VFV Vice President Nguyen Ba Nghi said that the fact that VFV banned foreign players partly originated from inadequacies in management and training of young players, which led to a shortfall in the successor, so it wanted to create opportunities for domestic players to compete in domestic tournaments. However, over time, it showed that this ban went against the trend of professional sports, not to mention the fact that some teams had dodged rules by seeking Vietnamese citizenship for foreign players.

Foreign players will help diversify the playing style for domestic clubs. Moreover, their professionalism and playing style will be the driving force for Vietnamese players to learn. In addition, they will contribute to improving the quality of tournaments and attracting fans.

VFV General Secretary Le Tri Truong said that VFV has found that training young players is a long-term issue. But the championship must be high quality and must be communicated with use of organization technology and the foreign players must be taken into account. Enhancing the tournament's expertise was the condition for VFV to approve the use of foreign players again.

Some clubs will promote hiring foreign players, emphasizing those from Thailand, China, Myanmar, Fiji, Ukraine and Russia.

Thanh Van

Spiker Thuy sharpens her skills in Japan to better national volleyball

Spiker Thuy sharpens her skills in Japan to better national volleyball

After a six-hour flight from HCM City to Tokyo, Tran Thi Thanh Thuy spent three more hours on the road before reaching Kahoku City, Ishikawa, where her new home, PFU Blue Cats, bases.