Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) and his Armenian counterpart Nikol Pashinyan (Photo: VNA)


Duringtheir talks in Hanoi on July 5, the leaders spoke highly of the fruitfulpolitical ties and consented to increase high-level meetings and visits at allchannels of the Government, the National Assembly and businesses, as well aspeople-to-people exchanges.

Thetwo sides will continue their coordination at United Nations forums, theFrancophone community and the Non-Aligned Movement, contributing to peace,stability and development.

ThePMs consented to improve the operational efficiency of the Vietnam-Armeniainter-governmental committee on cooperation in economy-trade andscience-technology.

Thecountries will focus on implementing the free trade agreement between Vietnamand the Eurasian Economic Union, to which Armenia is a member, considering thisan important pillar of the bilateral ties and a momentum to createbreakthroughs in economic, trade and investment collaboration.

Theyalso concurred to expand cooperation in education-training, health care,sports, tourism, security and national defence.

PMPhuc affirmed Vietnam’s policy of attaching importance to consolidating andstrengthening the traditional friendship and multi-faceted cooperation withArmenia, as well as the country’s resolve to develop the relationship acrossthe board in a more effective, pragmatic and sustainable manner for the sake ofpeople of the two countries.

PMNikol Pashinyan said his visit aims to create a turning point in the quality ofthe bilateral ties, contributing to forging the multi-faceted cooperation andmeeting aspirations of leaders and interests of people of both nations.

Hostand guest exchanged views on regional and international issues of sharedconcern, including the peaceful settlement of disputes in Asia-Pacific,covering the East Sea, on the basis of international law.

Followingthe talks, the leaders witnessed the signing of an agreement between the two Governmentson cooperation in education and science.

Theythen co-chaired a press conference to announce outcomes of their talks.

PMNikol Pashinyan is paying an official visit to Vietnam from July 4-7.-VNA