Vietnamese people in Moscow present lunch sets to health workers at an emergency station in Lyublino district of Russia.  

Many Vietnamese people in Moscow continue to help doctors on the frontline in the Russian capital city.

Although many restaurants and cafes in Moscow are on the brink of bankruptcy, some have decided to cook and provide free food for doctors with a hope that they will enjoy delicious meals during their short periods of rest.

Recently, a charitable group of Vietnamese people donated over 400,000 rouble (over US$5,300) to a Vietnamese restaurant to cook and present 65 lunches for 10 days to emergency health workers in the Lyublino District, which is home to many Vietnamese.

The Tâm Tâm Foods Company granted five packages of Vietnamese coffee to show gratitude to frontline doctors.

Last week, the Vietnamese community in Russia's Irkutsk city also donated 4,000 cloth face masks as part of a campaign to support the fight against COVID-19.

Overseas Vietnamese in Thailand and the Republic of Korea have donated VND704 million ($30,000) to support the fight at home.

Deputy Foreign Minister and Chairman of the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs Dang Minh Khoi handed over the money, raised by the General Association of Vietnamese people in Thailand and the Vietnam Business Association in the Republic of Korea (VIBAK), to President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Tran Thanh Man at a ceremony in Hanoi on Monday.

Speaking at the function, Khoi said that the donations reflected the tradition of solidarity and mutual support of the Vietnamese people. Despite difficulties in their host countries, overseas Vietnamese had launched fundraising campaigns to help their compatriots at home combat the disease.

It showed that the overseas Vietnamese community is an inseparable part of the Vietnamese nation, he affirmed.

In addition, Vietnamese in Hungary, Thailand, China, the US, Laos, Cambodia, the Republic of Korea, Poland, the Czech Republic, Britain, Germany and France also offered cash and medical supplies such as cloth face masks, clothes, food and gloves to administrations, hospitals and Vietnamese nationals in need in their host countries, he added.

VFF Central Committee President Tran Thanh Man thanked Vietnamese citizens abroad for their heartfelt support to the homeland and said the money and medical supplies would be delivered to those in need in an open and transparent manner.

According to preliminary statistics from the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, as of April 26, 25 overseas Vietnamese collectives and individuals from 14 countries and territories have donated nearly VND33 billion ($1.4 million) and medical supplies to the COVID-19 combat in the homeland. VNS

Vietnamese expats in US support local fight against COVID-19

Vietnamese expats in US support local fight against COVID-19

A large number of the overseas Vietnamese community in the US have been striving to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by sewing face masks for use in hospitals due to a scarcity of protective equipment for medical workers.

Vietnamese in Russia make COVID-19 masks for locals

Vietnamese in Russia make COVID-19 masks for locals

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc in the world, Vietnamese in Russia are working with communities in their host country to fight the deadly virus.