Vietnamese craftsmen

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Hang Trong painting, a genre of Vietnamese woodcut paintings originating in the Old Quarter in Hanoi serves as “food for the mind”. The art form had been nearly lost, but one man is trying to preserve the traditional folk painting.

The man who turns waste into paper and paintings

For the last five years, Mr. Le Thanh Ha (Son Tra District, Da Nang) has been using branches of coconut palm to produce a special type of paper, which is then used to make paintings.


Artisan launches new lacquer collection to welcome the year of tiger

A collection of 2,022 tiger figurines handcrafted from jackfruit wood and laterite combined with lacquer is being completed to welcome 2022 or the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac.

Valuable utensils crafted from bamboo by one-armed man

Having only one arm has never prevented Mr. Phan Van Chanh, 57, from pursuing his passion to make distinctive household items and earn tens of millions of VND each month.

Young man breathing new life into ancient books

Bui Tien Phuc, aged 32, is among just a few young Vietnamese with a knowledge of modern techniques in restoring ancient books, which have been affected by the passing of time, climate, and termites and other infestations.