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Vietnamese novel “So do”, known as “Dumb Luck” in English, written by well-known Vietnamese author Vu Trong Phung is set to be published in Germany this December.

Series of classic books for children launched in domestic market

A series of world classic books for children have recently been introduced to the local book market.

A taste of local literature

In an effort to give foreign readers greater access to Vietnamese literature, the Hanoi Publishing House has recently released a bilingual Vietnamese-English anthology of short stories entitled Một Đêm Mưa Trong Thành Phố (A Rainy Night in the City).

Translations of masterpiece displayed in Paris

An exhibition featuring translations of Vietnamese masterpiece Truyện Kiều (The Tale of Kiều) opened in Paris as part of the activities to mark poet Nguyen Du’s 255th birthday and commemorate his 200th death anniversary.

Best-selling Vietnamese teen novel reaches young Japanese

“Ticket to Childhood”, a novel from Nguyen Nhat Anh renowned among Vietnamese teenagers, has recently been introduced to young Japanese readers.

Another best-selling children’s book by famous author translated into Japanese

One of the most successful books in Vietnam’s publishing history, “Cho Toi Xin Mot Ve Di Tuoi Tho” (A Ticket Back to Childhood, Please) by famous author Nguyen Nhat Anh, has hit shelves in Japan.

Popular Vietnamese literature works you can’t miss

Reading not only provides you with bags of knowledge, but it is also a good way to kill time during the COVID-19. Here are some popular Vietnamese books that you can’t miss.

Literature - a bridge between cultures

 VietNamNet Bridge – If Vietnamese literature wants to find a place overseas, writers need to start finding publishers. So what should we do to approach foreign publishers?

Vietnamese movie trailer features top stuntman Ilram Choi

A teaser trailer of Vietnamese movie Chi Pheo Ngoai Truyen (Chi Pheo’s Untold Stories) has been launched after its box office release date was shifted to September 15.

Illustrated idioms win youngster’s love

“Idioms and proverbs of Vietnam” is among very few books that introduce idioms and proverbs with eye-catching illustrations. In its first publication, the book has won reader’s love with thousands of editions sold. 

VN scholar publishes trusty culture guide

If I were to choose one person to accompany visitors on their first trip to Viet Nam, my choice would be Huu Ngoc. If I were to choose one book for those about to visit Viet Nam or those unable to visit, my choice would be Huu Ngoc

Vietnamese literature, music mentioned in Obama's speech

US President Barack Obama quoted poems and lyrics by Vietnamese great poet Nguyen Du, late composers Van Cao, Trinh Cong Son, Tran Lap, and pop star Son Tung M-TP in his remarks delivered in Vietnam.

Young bibliophile amasses 10,000 books

 VietNamNet Bridge – With a great passion for books since a young age, Trinh Hung Cuong today owns a precious collection of more than 10,000 books, newspapers and magazines.

Writers receive prizes at awards ceremony in capital

 VietNamNet Bridge – A novel about life at the fight against Chinese invasion in 1979 in the northern border region has won the annual Award for Prose 2015 by the Ha Noi Writers Association.

French translator brings VN literature to foreign readers

VietNamNet Bridge – In 2008, when Yves Bouille first arrived in Viet Nam, he only wanted to stay six months to attend cooking school. But the country has kept him here much longer than he thought.

Symphonic poem, new violinist take on Opera House

VietNamNet Bridge – The symphonic poem Kieu and violinist Nguyen Thien Minh will both make their debuts at the Ha Noi Opera House on Friday and Saturday at 8pm.  

Int’l experience in promoting Vietnamese literature

Foreign writers have suggested that the Vietnamese Government promote cooperation with other countries to spread Vietnamese literature around the world.

Poets highlight Vietnamese literature landmarks

Vietnamese poetry over the course of history and its role in the spiritual life of Vietnamese nationals were highlighted in a workshop entitled “Vietnamese poetry retains the Vietnamese spirit”, held in Hanoi on March 3.

International authors learn about Vietnamese literature

More than 650 Vietnamese and international writers, poets, and translators attended an exhibition entitled “Vietnamese literature with international readers” held at the Vietnamese Literature Museum on February 2 in Hanoi.

Authors join cultural immersion programme in VN

 VietNamNet Bridge – Singaporean writer Suchen Christine Lim said she's curious about Vietnamese literature and wants to exchange more with Vietnamese writers.