There were a total of 10 new projects recording a total registered capital of more than US$109.4 million, a 2.1-fold  increase on-year, while four projects adjusted to increase capital by more than US$5.68 million.

The sharp increase in outbound investment can be attributed to the project aimed at buying shares of Trust IQ Pte.Ltd Company in Singapore with a total investment capital of US$105 million, with the project aiming to develop artificial intelligence in retail sales and in consumption.

Vietnamese investors have poured capital into 10 industries. Of these, the information and communication sector took the lead with a new project valued at US$105 million, accounting for 91.2% of total registered capital.  

The service industry ranked second with one project registered to raise capital by US$5 million, duly accounting for 4.3%, followed by the wholesale and retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

Among the 10 countries and territories where Vietnamese investors are operating, Singapore topped with a new project and an adjusted capital project valued at US$105.5 million, accounting for 91.7% of the total investment capital, trailed by Israel, Thailand, and Laos

Until February 20, the nation has had 1,617 valid overseas investment projects worth over US$21.89 billion, mainly specialising in fields such as mining at 31.8% and agro-forestry-fishery at 15.7%, with Laos, Cambodia, and Venezuela being the main recipients of investment from Vietnam.

Source: VOV