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Vietnamese primary teacher makes unique handicraft from rice straw

37 years old art teacher Dang Vu Linh of Thuong Phuoc 1A Primary School in the Mekong Delta of Dong Thap Province has become renowned for making unique handicrafts from rice straw - a waste product of rice harvest.

Art teacher Dang Vu Linh. Photo: SGGP

According to Mr. Linh, agriculture is the key industry of his fatherland of Dong Thap Province; therefore, the source of straw material is endless.

Straw is normally used as livestock feed, fertilizer, and to create works of art. Especially, the straw has three main colors including white, yellow, and dark colors. Teacher Linh said he uses white color for brightness, dark color for the background and yellow for liveliness of pictures.

He shared that he spent two years researching and then made good handicraft works such as rural landscape and lotus flower from paddy straw with the brand name of Hong Ngu, a name of a district in Dong Thap Province.

He also thinks about different protective measures to prevent his works from harmful insects and use gloss paints to increase the aesthetic of his works.

Averagely, it takes him approximately two weeks and two days to finish a big picture and a small picture respectively. Lately, he has used lac, a different agricultural material, to creat many stereotypes for diversification of his products. In the coming time, he will launch new products- portrait of animals - to market.

These days, his art products have been widely welcomed by local consumers. SGGP

Anh Quan

Vietnam’s agricultural by-products sell well in other countries

Vietnam’s agricultural by-products sell well in other countries

Many agricultural by-products, such as banana peels, straw, water hyacinth stalks, areca sheaths and bagasse, are valuable and can be reused instead of thrown away.

Handicrafts find it difficult to catch EVFTA train to $100 billion market

Handicrafts find it difficult to catch EVFTA train to $100 billion market

 The EU-Vietnam FTA (EVFTA) is expected to bring more opportunities to Vietnam’s enterprises to export products to the EU. However, it will be not easy for handicraft producers to obtain bigger market share there.



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Omicron subvariants under close scrutiny in Vietnam

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Vietnam elected as member of two ESCAP Regional Center Executive Councils

Two Vietnamese agencies have won election to the Executive Councils of the UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific and Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanisation under the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.


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No longer allowed to stay in a hospital, a breast cancer patient sold her house to rent and provide a shelter for 20 patients coming from all over the country to Ho Chi Minh City for chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

G&P Global Ratings raises Vietnam’s sovereign credit rating

The S&P Global Ratings on May 26 raised its long-term sovereign credit rating on Vietnam to “BB+” with a “stable” outlook on the back of strong economic recovery, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Domestic airlines offer millions of tickets for summer travel season

Anticipating that travel demand during the upcoming summer will rise sharply, and even higher than the pre-pandemic levels, local carriers are offering millions of air tickets.

American doctor’s endless love for Vietnamese ethnic minority cultures

When listening to him talk for hours and hours about the objects he found by chance on trips to different mountainous regions, it is easy to see Mark Rapoport's passion for the ethnic groups of Vietnam.

Two new Viettel inventions granted exclusive protection certificate in the US

Viettel Aerospace Institute (VTX), a member of Viettel Group, was officially granted an exclusive protection certificate by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two works in the field of optoelectronics and materials industry.

SEA Games 31 fuels recovery of local tourism industry

The hosting of the recent 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) between May 12 and May 23 can be viewed as a golden chance for the local tourism industry to recover after months of little activity due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HCM City Mayor shows concerns as doctors turn from ‘heroes’ to ‘violators’

With great efforts in the fight against Covid-19, medical workers have been honored as heroes.

Stopping the licensing of new airlines, restricting the expansion of fleets

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Luxury-tax hike should be postponed until after 2024

Discussing the luxury tax law, experts said it is necessary to design a reasonable taxation roadmap and begin raising the tax only after 2024.

Huge haul in new markets for Vietnam’s tra fish exports

Demand for Vietnam’s tra fish (pangasius) is up in major markets, driving the export of the catfish overseas, reports the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Facebook collects money from partners to pay tax in Vietnam

The amount of money Facebook is planning to collect from Vietnamese partners accounts for 5 percent of invoice value. The money will be used to fulfill tax obligations.