This is the first time that local users can receive the results of gene decoding under the form of an NFT.

To do this, Genetica uses blockchain technology to encrypt data. The startup issues GeneNFT, a kind of digital certificate for genomes, giving people the right to control their own genetic data.

Gene sequencing is the use of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) present in the cells of human body to determine inherited genetics such as potential, fitness, nutrition and disease risks. It gives a comprehensive view of the mechanisms hidden inside the body.

After gene sequencing at Genetica, genetics data is encrypted, stored and administered in the Gene Friend Network.

Users can check GeneNFT by accessing Genetica’s app. After opening Genetica Wallet and GeneNFT tab, they see a GeneNFT certificate and can check NFT tokens on Blockchain.

Dr Cao Anh Tuan, the co-founder and CEO of Genetica, said that GeneNFT is a kind of digital asset which represents genetic data of individuals.

Genome is unique to every individual, so everyone only has one GeneNFT which serves as a certificate to confirm that they have this unique genome of themselves.

While holding GeneNFT, users have the right to decide whether to share their genetic data to a third party. This is an answer to transparency in the use of genetic data, which has raised controversy in the scientists’ community.

As a type of asset, GeneNFT was not created to trade for economic benefits. Instead, GeneNFT owners can agree on granting medicine and pharmacy institutions the right to access their genetics data for the sake of development of Vietnam’s medicine. 

In this case, research institutions are willing to give small amounts of money for the right to access genetic data.

Genetica began its operation and opened its office in Vietnam in 2018. The firm is now providing four groups of gene sequencing services to Vietnamese.

The startup has been granted CLIA and CAP, the most stringent certificates in the US for genetics laboratories. The results of reports are reviewed by scientists at leading universities in the US such as Harvard, Stanford, California University San Francisco, and Cornell.

The founder of Genetica is Cao Anh Tuan, PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University. Tuan once worked for Google and is an expert in big data and artificial intelligence.

Trong Dat