Nguyen Van Giang


Graduating from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology majoring in computing engineering, Giang began working for a South Korean invested company. But he decided to stop working after two years to seek an opportunity to study abroad for a master’s degree.

In August 2018, the young engineer switched to study information technology after obtaining a full scholarship from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

Giang said the first months in South Korea were tough for him because he began studying a new major, and the curriculum was taught in English. He had to study from 6am to 2am daily.

But things became easier when he entered the second year of the master’s program and began joining research projects.

Giang said what concerned him the most was whether the research could offer any value to society. Starting with projects on image recognition, he decided to focus on AI models.

“I explain the models, find out why they cause this or that, what the risks are, and what to do to minimize the risks. For example, we need to master AI models in the healthcare sector to prevent risks for patients,” he said.

During his study, he read many documents and contacted professors in the US who have had articles and research works for an exchange of views.

Giang’s favorite saying is "if you succeed, you will get good luck, if you fail, you will get experience". He always is optimistic and ready to cope with all difficulties.

Wanting to have deeper research in the field, in October 2020, when finishing the master’s program, Giang began applying for a scholarship to study for a doctorate.

By that time, Giang had had a number of scientific articles published, and had research and working experience, an IELTS 7.5 certificate, and four letters of introduction from his lecturers and professors.

According to Giang, the essay is an important factor to admission committees. In his essay, Giang wrote about his journey as a village student, from the time he had no outstanding abilities and had difficulties in study to the time he developed a passion for scientific research. He also wrote about his efforts to carry out research and accumulate knowledge. 

Ngoc Linh


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