VietNamNet Bridge - Every three months, her hair changes shape once, from a tiger to a great tit, then a cobra, etc.

The current shape which looks like a tiger.

That’s the strange phenomenon which occurs for Ms. Luu Thi H, 30, in Tieu Lam village, Ngu Hung commune, Thanh Mien district, Hai Duong province.

H and her husband set up in Ho Chi Minh City. They have two children. At present, their oldest son lives with H’s parent-in-law in HCM City. She, her husband and her second child lives in Hai Duong with their grandparent.

Whether the couple has returned home to live for only four months, H is the center of attention of the whole village with her odd tufts of hair on the head.

The strange story started when H’s second baby was 6 months old. She said: "After giving birth to the second child, I abstained from washing and grooming my hair (which was up to a meter long) for 6 months. After that, I washed it but I did not know why the middle part of the hair wrapped into sections curls from the roots to the top of the head. After a while, my hair began to coalesce into bizarre shapes of unknown cause."

She went to large hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City for check-up, but after seeing her hair, the doctors were insufficient in determining the causes and treatment. Then she switched to spiritual treatment by worshiping at temples and holding ceremonies at home.

She said: "I do not dare to cut my hair because people in the village say that this is a spiritual disease."

The biggest problem of the woman as well as her family is the psychological anxiety and panic since it is impossible to determine the cause and find a cure.

For nearly three years living with a heavy bun of hair on her head, always feels frustrating, annoying. Especially, during sleep, she must be in position so that not override the bun to avoid injuries to the head. However, her health is normal.

Currently, she and her husband are running a small grocery store and offers car renting services. Every day, she has to wrap a towel on her head to cover the strange hair.

She added that every three months, the hair changes shape once, from the shape of a bird to a cobra, etc. It is now in the shape of a tiger.

Compiled by Nam Nguyen