On June 26 at noon, YG unveiled the schedule of the next Born Pink concert tour of Black Pink. The girl band will operform at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi on July 29-30. Tickets will be for sale from noon July 7.

On forums, fans are discussing concert ticket prices. Some of them predicted that tickets would be lower than the VND10 million in Taiwan (China) and Thailand. 

Sources say there won’t be presales in Vietnam as in other countries. Tickets in Vietnam will be open for sale directly. Tickets can be booked via the website. However, to date, there has been no information about ticket prices and seat maps.

In Thailand in January 2023, the VIP ticket price of the concert was over VND6.4 million, while the cheapest ticket of the concert was just VND800,000. Meanwhile, at the encore show in Bangkok, the ticket price was double, up to 14,800 baht, or over VND10 million for VIP ticket, while the lowest was 2,800 baht, or VND2 million.

In Singapore, the VIP ticket was sold at nearly VND7 million, while the cheapest ticket was VND3 million. The price levels were nearly the same as the show in Indonesia, nearly VND7 million for VIP tickets and VND2 million for the cheapest ones.

Based on predictions about ticket prices, Vietnamese fans can plan their travel to be able to watch their idols. Besides spending on tickets, they will have to pay for air tickets, accommodations and food, travel, hotels and lightsticks. 

The fans in Hanoi have to pay less than VND10 million, while those in the central and southern regions may have to pay VND11-13 million to attend the concert.

A recent report said that Born Pink is the tour with the highest revenue in the history for a music band. The record was set by Spice Girls with the Spice World tour in 2019 which brought $78.2 million in revenue. Meanwhile, Born Pink has earned over $100 million with 366,000 tickets for 26 performances, though the tour has not finished yet.

The concert has stirred up Vbiz. Vietnamese celebrities said they are waiting with impatience to see BlackPink’s performance at My Dinh, but complained it is difficult to ‘hunt’ for tickets.

Min, a singer, complained on Facebook that "the internet always has a problem every time I try to book a ticket". Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc complained  "celebrities also find it difficult to hunt for tickets".

Pham Quynh Anh, a singer, has called for help as her two daughters, fans of BlackPink, want to attend the concert at any cost.

Tinh Le