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Game industry needs extra time to further develop

The game industry in Vietnam is considered lucrative, but it is facing a number of difficulties that need to be addressed at the soonest in order to level up to its full potential.

Vietnam needs to remove barriers to pave way for gaming industry

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) plans to establish a ‘Game Hub’ to connect game makers and will organize short- and long-term training courses as part of a gaming industry development strategy.

Gaming industry potentially a billion-dollar market

Vietnam's gaming industry generated over $600 million in revenue in 2022 and is positioning itself as a major player in the Southeast Asian market.

Vietnam now a leading game producer: insiders

A blog dedicated to exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and other trending technologies in the 21st century has said Vietnam is consolidating its role in the development of electronic games worldwide.

Sconnect wants to put Vietnam on world’s animation-industry map

Putting Vietnam’s name on the world’s animation industry map is the goal of Sconnect, a Vietnamese cartoon brand that features Wolfoo, a lovely wolf cub character.

Government delays special consumption tax on online games amid industry growth

The Government has agreed that, in the near term, special consumption tax will not be levied on online games.

Game firms are no longer flourishing in Vietnam

The gaming industry, unable to buy foreign games to distribute domestically because foreign partners are allowed to distribute games in Vietnam, does not expect a bright future.

New tax conclusion gives more chances for game industry in Vietnam

The Standing Committee of the Government has just released a conclusion that online video game services (online game) are not subject to special consumption tax.

Government rejects luxury tax on online games

Vietnamese game firms have sighed with relief as the Standing Government has rejected a luxury tax on online games as proposed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Game groups fear being forced out

Online game producers may find themselves pushed out of the market in Vietnam with the introduction of an “unprecedented” tax that aims to protect younger generations.

Finance Ministry insists on levying luxury tax on online games

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) continues to support a luxury tax on online games, though other ministries believe that such a tax will discourage the development of the industry.

Gaming industry to become pillar of VN digital economy

A team of experts from RMIT University believes that in order to make gaming become a pillar of Vietnam’s digital economy, it is necessary to focus on developing human resources who can design games.

Proposal to offer university major in gaming applauded

Vietnam is considering offering gaming as a major at university, believing that this would be a solution to the manpower shortage in the gaming industry.

Vietnam lacks standard training programs for gaming industry

Chu Tuan Anh from Training System Aptech International Programmer notes that human resources development is an important issue in the gaming industry, but Vietnam lacks a standard training program in this field.

Gaming publishers shy away from tax proposition

A proposal to impose special consumption taxes on online games in Vietnam has been shot down by businesses and industry experts.

Gaming sector fears special tax

Vietnam is considering levying a special consumption tax on online video games, which has caused concern in the sector.

Gaming industry needs proper treatment: officials

The gaming industry makes great contributions to the digital and knowledge-based economy, so it is necessary to view it as a business field. Enterprises need to join forces to change the prejudices about the industry.

Billion-dollar gaming industry attainable

Vietnamese game publishers are striving to rise up the ranks of the global gaming industry by holding on to top talent and encouraging modern thinking from legislators and potential consumers.

VN game industry needs support to develop

Vietnam’s games have had achievements in the world market but a push is needed to develop further.

VN gaming industry new money-spinner

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam takes a large share of the pie with 54.6 million gamers, raking in $507 million in 2022.