vietnam's garment-textile industry

Update news vietnam's garment-textile industry

Positives signs for garments and textiles

The garments and textiles industry is showing signs of improvement as recovery in key export markets leads to a boost in orders.

Golden time for Vietnamese apparel sector switch to green production

The green transition has been increasingly implemented by businesses in VN for the past five years.

Vietnam's garment enterprises face increasing global competition

Vietnamese garment enterprises are facing more competition as well as stricter quality and environmental standards in the global market.

Listed textiles enterprises face negative prospects this year

The slowdown of global economic growth has affected manufacturing activities across industries, including textiles.

Lifting the value of export apparel

Experts agree that improving textile production, fashion design and localization is needed for the long-term development of the domestic garment sector.

VN garment industry in difficulty as global market shrinks

Vietnamese garment and textile exports plunged by 18.63% to US$8,701 billion during the first three months of the year, according to figures released by the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas).

VN textile-garment industry struggles with importers' requirements

Textile and garment import countries have asked Vietnamese companies to satisfy requirements on social responsibility, environmental friendliness and natural resource use. The industry worth $44 billion is facing serious concerns.

Sustainability requirements pose new challenges to VN garment, textile industry

Going green become vital for Vietnam’s garment and textile industry in the context of increasing requirements for sustainability.