Chuỗi mới của Thế Giới Di Động tại Indonesia có gì đặc biệt?

Mobile World has announced its partnership with PT Erafone Artha Retailindo (Erafone), a subsidiary of Erajaya Corporation, to establish PT Era Blue Elektronic joint venture in Indonesia.

The chain of stores of this joint venture will be called Era Blue, which is expected to open from mid-2022 in Jakarta. 

Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em - CEO of Mobile World and Dien May Xanh chains – told VietNamNet that Erafone specializes in selling mobile phones. The Era Blue joint venture will also sell electrical products. 

The Indonesian population is nearly three times higher than that of Vietnam, so the sales of phones and electronics may increase accordingly, but Hieu Em said that the electronics segment in Indonesia is only half of Vietnam. The room for Era Blue’s development is still very large.

Indonesia is the second country in Mobile World's journey to Southeast Asia. Previously, this retailer opened the Bluetronics chain in Cambodia and currently holds the largest market share.

This is the first time that Mobile World is working with a foreign partner to open a retail system. Hieu Em said, to open a chain in the largest country in Southeast Asia, Mobile World wants to cooperate with a market-savvy business to speed up progress. 

Hai Dang