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100 containers of cashew nuts exported to Italy suspected of being scammed

The Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS), on the evening of March 8, informed that it had just received an appeal for help from some cashew nut processing and exporting enterprises.

Vietnam remains world’s largest producer, exporter of cashew nuts

Vietnam has maintained its position as the world’s largest producer and exporter of cashew nuts in 2020, exporting an estimated 450,000 tonnes of cashew kernels worth 3.2 billion USD, according to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas).

VN cashew market hard to forecast due to coronavirus outbreak

The cashew industry has just overcome a long crisis cycle from 2017 to early 2019 with serious impacts but the developments of the Covid-19 outbreak have caused the industry to enter a period containing many risks.

More efforts needed to maintain VN’s leading position in cashew export

Viet Nam stood out as the world’s largest cashew exporter last year but there remains many challenges ahead for the country to retain its leading position in the future.


Vietnam's cashew exports to exceed target, says industry

Vietnam’s cashew exports in 2019 are expected to top US$3.6 billion, according to the Viet Nam Cashew Association (Vinacas).

Good news for Vietnam's cashew industry

Instead of competing fiercely with each other, cashew companies have now joined hands to boost exports and focus on deep processing to obtain higher added value for their products.

VN cashew sector opposes new pest control regulations

The Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) has complained about a new regulation which orders all imported cashew containers from Africa to be checked at the ports to prevent the Trogoderma SP worm from being spread into the country.


VN cashew producers in crisis due to lack of capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s cashew industry has fallen into crisis as the cashew nut export price has been falling. 

Vietnam cashew industry: the more exports, the bigger losses

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is still the Number 1 cashew exporter in the world with 65 percent of market share, but cashew companies are facing problems such as lack of raw materials.

Cashew companies to step back in 2018 before gearing up again later

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2017, Vietnam exported 353,000 tons of cashew nuts, worth $3.52 billion, an increase of one percent in quantity and 23.8 percent in export turnover compared with 2016. 

Big challenge for cashew industry: when partners become rivals

VietNamNet Bridge - Several African countries, which have been loyal partners with Vietnamese cashew exporters, are becoming competitors.

Vietnam cashew exporters to add value with further processing

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam aims to increase export value of cashew nuts by more extensive processing instead of exporting raw or preliminarily processed products.

VN cashew industry, no 1 in world, still relies on imported raw materials

VietNamNet Bridge - The heavy reliance on import materials remains a problem for Vietnam’s cashew industry, though it remains the top cashew exporter in the world. 

Long drought hits crops in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam’s major crops like coffee, pepper and cashew have been affected by the prolonged drought, making businesses worry about possible shortages for processing and export,

Vietnam’s cashew sector sets records in 2014

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s cashew sector set records with its 2014 export revenue exceeding 2 billion USD for the first time, securing its place as the world’s top cashew exporter for the ninth straight year.


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Vietnam tries to hold cashew nut export prices to rescue growers

In an effort to save the cashew industry, local authorities have been moving ahead with the special plans to develop cashew growing areas.


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