Nguyen An Nguyen, CEO of Trusting Social

Nguyen An Nguyen, CEO of Trusting Social, was one of the panel speakers at the launch on June 29 of Agent Foundry, a platform that provides professional virtual assistants to enterprises.

He said that AI would help reduce investment costs in the knowledge-based economy by 10-100 times and change users’ interactions.

Virtual assistants in the future will be the common mode for transactions in the economy. They will replace searching or apps as currently seen. Users will use their voice to command virtual assistants. 

The virtual assistants will be able to process hundreds of thousands of financial documents within a short time, and businesses will be able to communicate directly with users via the assistants.

A representative from Trusting Social said that AI technology will change business models as well as education models that help provide a workforce to enterprises.

For example, in the past, it would take nearly 20 years to train and produce a director of enterprise, but with AI it would take one week to produce a virtual worker who can perform duties well. AI also can create a new business model to serve most consumers in various fields.

Nguyen said with AI through virtual assistants, people with low and medium incomes can save expenses on healthcare and education services. People can easily search information about other fields, such as finance. He added that in the future, Vietnamese will have a virtual assistant in the fields of education, finance, banking, healthcare and insurance.

With AI, businesses need to prepare well and take full advantage of this technology for development.

Grasping the opportunity, Trusting Social launched Agency Foundry, a platform that provides professional virtual assistants to businesses based on general AI.

Virtual assistants have the ability to think about work, analyze data, program, and communicate with people through the digital environment, pre-equipped with broad and in-depth knowledge provided by Foundry and individual data of each enterprise. It support employees in doing repetitive tasks, analysis, data processing, and forecasting.

Trusting Social will serve businesses in many different fields, starting from finance and then expand to the consumer and telecommunications sectors and professional services such as law and corporate finance.

This is a solution designed specifically for businesses that follow strict standards for data security and information security.

Trong Dat