The 400-year-old Nam O fish sauce craft village in Nam O Village in Da Nang.


The village, located in Lien Chieu District, was designated a national intangible cultural heritage  by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism late last year.

Located three kilometers from the foot of Hai Van Pass, Nam O is one of Viet Nam’s oldest and most famous fish-sauce making villages, with a history of more than 400 years.

The fish sauce village has met the criteria related to local cultural identity as well as cultural diversity and human creativity preserved by generations.

More than 100 households make 50,000 litres of the sauce every year.

Black anchovies are their main raw materials. A kilo of the fish can produce half a litre of sauce.

Fish sauce is considered the soul of Viet Nam's cuisine, and is included during cooking as a key component or used as a dipping sauce. — VNS