VietNamNet Bridge - Coc Coc is a technology start-up that opened for business in 2013 with three Vietnamese founders. It is obvious that Coc Coc has great advantages favored by Vietnamese. But these are not enough for it to become famous worldwide.





Coc Coc, initially named ‘Co Rom+’, was established in May 2013 by three programmers Nguyen Thanh Binh, Nguyen Duc Ngoc and Le Van Thanh, who all have degrees from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The project was then funded by Yandex, a technology giant which held 60 percent of the Russian market. 

Coc Coc was also backed my Group, the world’s seventh largest internet firm, and Digital Sky Technology which once injected $200 million into Facebook. 

However, according to Coc Coc, the real investor is Mikhail Frolkin, the founder of, a headhunting firm.

At first, Coc Coc was an internet browser based on Chromium open source code which integrated high-speed file downloading and Vietnamese language recognition instruments.

The main products of the firm are the Coc Coc internet browser, Coc Coc search engine, Coc Coc ad network and Nha Nha, an app that finds locations on mobile devices.

In early February 2015, Coc Coc received big investment capital of $14 million from German Hubert Burda Media. The money is expected to be used to continue upgrading the product’s quality and create the mobile version.

In October 2015, foreign sources reported that two of the three founders had left Coc Coc. However, a local newspaper quoted one of the three founders denying the information.

Coc Coc’s great advantages

Coc Coc, experts say, has great advantages which the other internet browsers such as FireFox and Internet Explorer don’t have. For example, Coc Coc is integrated with the tool that downloads videos and digital music from nearly all websites. 

If Vietnamese script is typed with no diacritics, Coc Coc will automatically add diacritics, thus helping speed up typing by 20-50 percent. It also automatically discovers spelling mistakes.

However, while Coc Coc has great advantages favored by Vietnamese, it doesn’t have the features which rivals have. Google’s Chrome, for example, provides over 50 services, including the most popular such as Gmail, Maps, Docs, Translate, Earth and Drive. Meanwhile, Coc Coc has not been integrated with the function of displaying searching images.

With the same keywords, Chrome will provide more results than Coc Coc.

It is true that Coc Coc, which is integrated with file downloading, allows higher download speed than Chrome when IDM is not run, but this is only effective for servers in Vietnam, while the servers overseas cannot recognise this.