HLV Park Hang Seo đàm phán hợp đồng: Trò chơi cân não


The Korean coach’s employment contract signed with the VFF will expire at the end of January in 2022.

After his success with Vietnamese football, it is clear that the value of the Korean coach has increased. The coach will receive many invitations after his contract with VFF ends.

However, based on their good relations, it is likely that the Korean coach will give priority in negotiating a new contract with the VFF.

So far, both sides have been pleased with each other. Coach Park Hang Seo has been given the best working conditions by VFF while the Vietnam football administration has been satisfied with what the Korean captain has performed. The Korean football expert always says that Vietnam is his second country.

However, the VFF needs to be more proactive in this task as its contract with Mr. Park will last for just several months. If the Korean coach does not sign the new contract, national football teams will be in passive circumstances in performing plans developed by Mr. Park.

Next year, the Vietnamese national team will play matches in the World Cup qualifiers and the AFF Cup (if it goes as planned) while the U23 team will play at the Southeast Asian Games at home.

Xuan Mo

VFF needs to retain Coach Park Hang Seo

VFF needs to retain Coach Park Hang Seo

Head coach Park Hang Seo will stay with Vietnam’s football until the end of 2023 once the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) can reach agreements with the South Korean strategist on the goals and ambitions for Vietnam’s football in the time to come.

Coach Park Hang Seo recruits more Korean assistants

Coach Park Hang Seo recruits more Korean assistants

Coach Park Hang Seo currently has seven Korean assistants, including Lee Young Jin, Park Chung Kyun, Kim Tae Min, Kim Han Yoon, fitness expert Park Sung Gyun, goalkeeping coach Kim Hyun Tae and doctor Choi Ju Young.