National Assembly Chairman Vương Đình Huệ and his Hungarian counterpart László Kövér sign a new cooperation agreement between the two parliaments in Budapest on Monday. — VNA/VNS Photos Doãn Tấn

The document was signed after the two officials spoke at the Hungarian Parliament building, which was part of Huệ’s official visit to the country.

The agreement was based on the comprehensive partnership between the two countries, and the cooperation agreement signed between the two national assemblies in 2008.

It aims to strengthen the partnership and multifaceted cooperation between Việt Nam and Hungary based on the principles of equality, mutual benefit, mutual respect, compliance with each country's laws, and adherence to international treaties.

With the new agreement, the two national assemblies will increase the exchange of delegations at the leadership and agency level, as well as between the NA’s Secretary-Generals, offices, and other friendly parliamentarian exchange activities.

The two sides will implement a mechanism to regularly exchange information on legislative activities, and on bilateral and multilateral international treaties to which both countries are party.

They will also conduct more meetings, consultations, and provide more coordination and mutual support to each other at multilateral parliamentary forums.

Prior to the signing ceremony, Huệ and Kövér discussed measures to improve cooperation between Việt Nam and Hungary.

NA chairman Huệ speaks with his Hungarian counterpart László Kövér at the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest prior to the signing ceremony

Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly László Kövér expressed his delight at Huệ’s visit, stressing that it is not only important to the two parliaments but also to the countries’ cooperation in economy, trade, investment, science and technology.

It will help these areas to continue to grow in a more balanced direction, he added. Especially as in the field of import and export, Hungary’s export turnover is currently relatively lower than Việt Nam, which requires Hungary to try harder to create an economic and trade balance between the two countries, he said.

Kövér thanked the National Assembly of Việt Nam for supporting the Hungarian National Assembly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and expressed his hope that as the world is establishing a new normal state after the pandemic, tourism cooperation between the two countries will continue to grow.

The two NA chairs also exchanged views on international issues of mutual concern and considered cooperation possibilities at international organisations and forums.

Huệ expressed his joy to visit Hungary for the first time as the Chairman of Việt Nam’s National Assembly. Although the two countries are geographically far apart, they have enjoyed a long-standing traditional friendship, and celebrated the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations in 2020, he said.

At a press briefing that followed the talks, Huệ emphasised that his visit aims to continue promoting and improving the scale, scope and effectiveness of the Việt Nam – Hungary comprehensive partnership.

“We had a very successful conversation, discussing not only the relationship between the two parliaments but also directions and measures to promote the development of the comprehensive partnership between the countries in the future,” he said.

“Apart from promoting and improving political and diplomatic relations, we highly agreed that the two national assemblies will continue to promote government and parliament cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, investment, education and training, labour, science and technology, as well as other areas that Việt Nam and Hungary still have a lot of potential and room to develop cooperation.”

Regarding the new cooperation agreement, Huệ said it will be a pillar in the comprehensive partnership between the two countries.

Source: VNS