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Veteran diplomats remember Vietnam’s 75 years of diplomacy

Senior diplomats who have directly contributed to many milestones of the diplomatic sector shared valuable industry lessons at a recent seminar "75 years of Vietnamese diplomacy: Lessons and direction”.

ASEAN Economic Community: opportunities and challenges (part 3)

VietNamNet Bridge - "In any condition, we always have to strengthen and maintain relations with neighboring countries, especially ASEAN," former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan has said. 

ASEAN Economic Community: opportunities and challenges (part 2)

VietNamNet Bridge - "Like many other regions in the world, ASEAN always has to face many challenges in which the success or failure of interaction with other countries, particularly the big or powerful ones, is the most important."

ASEAN Economic Community: opportunities and challenges

In 2003, ASEAN leaders adopted the ASEAN Concord II Declaration, under which they agreed to form the ASEAN Community by 2020. VietNamNet talked with former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan, Dr. Do Duc Dinh and Dr. Vo Tri Thanh about this.

Diplomacy in the service of economic development

In the second part of his talks with VietNamNet, former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan discussed the role of diplomacy in Vietnam’s economic development.

"I still remember the heavy pressure of isolation": Vu Khoan

2016 marks 30 years of Vietnam’s Doi Moi (renovation) period. VietNamNet talks with former Deputy PM Vu Khoan about the achievements of diplomatic sector in this period.

Chairman of FPT Software: "I do not need a degree"

No matter what the degree is, the measure for employees in the digital era is the evaluation of the employer: that is the common view of the participants of VietNamNet’s roundtable talks with the theme “Human resource challenges in the digital age”.

How to effectively utilize national talents

 There is no denying the fact that a nation needs high quality human resources to develop its economy. However, it is no easy task to discover, cultivate and tap talents effectivelly, said former Deputy PM Vu Khoan.