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Da Nang has begun construction of a steel dam – the second of its kind – on the lower Cam Le River to reduce salinity and deal with serious water shortages in the dry season this year.

Should foreign companies be allowed to join Vietnam's water supply market?

The water supply market is beset with many groups of interests, according to Luu Binh Nhuong, a National Assembly Deputy.

Hanoi's water plant releases raw sewage after water crisis

The Da River water plant was found to have flushed thousands of cubic metres of raw wastewater used to cleanse their tanks to the environment, days after it was involved in a polluted water scandal, reported Hanoi's environment authority.

Experts warn about exploitation of polluted underground water in Hanoi

The discovery by competent agencies that running water provided by the My Dinh II in Nam Tu Liem District had an arsenic concentration four times higher than the permitted level has raised an alarm about underground water exploitation.