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The Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration has applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) in hydrometeorology monitoring and forecasting, making typhoon and torrential rain prediction more accurate.

Vietnam improves forecasting in face of natural disasters

Natural disasters are becoming more unpredictable and extreme due to climate change, causing more extensive damage to people and property.

Young lecturer is passionate about forecasting the weather

Bui Minh Tuan, lecturer at the Meteorology and Oceanography Faculty under the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences, has been nominated for the Ta Quang Buu Award this year for his research on weather forecasting.

Vietnam improves weather forecasting capacity

Vietnam has made progress in weather prediction, extending the typhoon and tropical depression forecasting and warning to between three and five days, according to the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration.

Early weather warning helps society develop

Professor Tran Hong Thai, deputy general director of Vietnam’s General Department of Meteorology, talks to Natural Resources and Environment online newspaper about Vietnam’s resolve to develop a safe society in the context of climate change.

Weather forecasting faces limitations

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam lacks qualified weather forecasting experts, Phan Van Tan, a lecturer at the Ha Noi University of Natural Science's Faculty of Hydrology and Meteorology, told Hai Quan newspaper.