VietNamNet Bridge – A local man in the city of Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province, has caught a white shark weighing about 60 kg near the coast, after a period of time of the absence of this fish.

Shark identified as human-attacking fish in Quy Nhon

The white shark caught near the beach in Quy Nhon City. Photo Nguoi Lao Dong.

Yesterday morning, May5, while rowing his coracle near the beach, Mr. Truong Van Binh, 38 years old, from Tran Phu Ward, Quy Nhon City, saw a shark trapped in a “rap” (a fishing gear) and it was still alive. About 30 minutes later, he pulled it into the shore.

The shark is more than 1.8 m long, weighs 60 kg, with waist circumference measured around 100 cm, and fins of 35 cm long and sharp teeth of 10-15 mm long.

According to the fishermen, it is a white shark. The fish is pregnant because its waist circumference is larger than normal. This is the fifth shark that fishermen caught in Quy Nhon waters since 2011.

Since there have been shark attacks against swimmers in Quy Nhon, the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with Binh Dinh province implemented a scientific project entitled "Science-based study of the phenomenon of fish attacking humans on the beach of Quy Nhon" in 2012. In addition, Quy Nhon authorities built five lookout towers and founded rescue teams to protect the people.

Son Nam