The center on June 5 informed that the total wind power output being tapped nationwide exceeded 2,000 megawatts on seven days in April and one day only in May.

The exploited output has been largerly below 1,000 megawatts per day over the past two months.

On March 19, the country’s wind power output hit its lowest level, at a mere 15 megawatts.

According to the National Load Dispatch Center, the wind power output fluctuates sharply within a day.

Vo Quang Lam, deputy general director of the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), said the wind power output had fluctuated over the past few months. Wind power plants produced the largest electricity volumes in November, December, January and February, and the lowest volumes in hot months.

According to EVN, Vietnam’s electricity plants nationwide have a total capacity of 78,000 megawatts, including 20,670 megawatts of renewable energy.

Source: Saigon Times