This is a special crossover music experience, featuring world-famous pieces from two genres of music - Jazz and Classical.

On June 30 2019, the quartet will perform their full concert, “Enzo Favata Glocal Report Quartet Live” at the Soul Live Project Complex (216 Pasteur, District 3). The concert is under the banner of Soul Live Project Series: Jazz through Time, an initiative to bring masterful and creative sounds of contemporary jazz closer to the public.

Targeting young music lovers aged 18-25, Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO) is established with the aim of rejuvenating symphonic music and introducing what may be commonly known as a “hard to access” genre closer to the public and community.

After 6 months of operation and 5 concerts, Saigon Youth Symphony Orchestra (SPYO) has attracted more than 2000 audience, becoming an impressive and new contribution to the classical music scene in the city. Since its inception, SPYO has brought up diverse and quality music experiences, from purely symphonic and classical performances to new and creative music experiments.

Concerts such as Once Upon A Spring (January 13th), Classical Romantics: The Legends (March 16th), Bohemian Night (April 13th) were testaments to the orchestra's professionalism, where many outstanding world-renowned conductors such as Hans Richter, Fan Ting, Gene Moon,…were brought to Vietnam, and challenging music works by Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mozart, Wagner, Dvorak...were presented.

These concerts have given young students of SPYO the opportunities to learn from experts and improve their skills while satisfying many classical music enthusiasts. SPYO also created new music experiments, bringing different genres and styles of music to the youth and mass audience.




In February, SPYO organised the musical night Cinema in Concert, featuring classics from the big screen: Pirates of the Caribbean, Orchestral Suite from Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars soundtrack. In May, familiar Vietnamese love tunes from Trinh Cong Son, Duong Thu and Bao Chan were re-arranged and performed by the SPYO String Quartet, a musical experience that has left many audience longing for more!

In its 6th music project, SPYO will bring you a brand new crossover concert featuring world-famous pieces from two genres of music - Jazz & Classical, all in one musical space called “Classical Meets Jazz”.

This is a very special concert to mark the 6-month journey of SPYO, show gratitude to the audience for their support in the past months and a promise that SPYO will never cease to be more creative and constantly explore more unique and interesting music experience in the Vietnamese classical music scene.

The concert "Classical Meets Jazz" consists of two parts: Classical & Jazz. The first part - "Classical" will be performed by the members of SPYO in diverse ensembles: brass quintet, harp quartet and string ensemble, and famous pieces such as A Day at Disneyland, The Entertainer, Chanson de Mai, String Sonata No.1 in G major will be brought to the stage.

The second part - "Jazz" will be performed by the famous jazz group from Hanoi - JumpforJazz and vocalist Pham Ha Linh, featuring works of jazz legends like Wise One (John Coltrane), Waltz For Debby (Bill Evans)...What makes the concert even more special is the guest appearance of the world-renowned jazz quartet from Italy - Enzo Favata Glocal Report!

“Classical Meets Jazz” will be refreshingly unique and full of interesting contrasts. A fantastic listening experience for Jazz and classical lovers not to be missed.

Originating from the poetic land of Sardinia in Italy (the second largest island in the Mediterranean, the land famous for its beautiful nature, music, wine and cheese), Enzo Favata is a renowned musician and internationally praised jazz saxophonist.

Favata has recorded and given performances with Dino Saluzzi, Enrico Rava, Trilok Gurtu, Miroslav Vitous, Lester Bowie, Art Ensemble of Chicago among others. During his career, he has released 16 albums; one of these, “Sound Landscapes”, is specifically designed for museums and exhibitions. On 2017 JazzIT Awards he was nominated among the best 3 Italian jazz soprano players.




Favata is also the Artistic Director of the International Jazz Festival MUSICA SULLE BOCCHE, which has been held for 17 years in Santa Teresa Gallura (Sardinia) and is one of the most famous events of the Italian jazz scene, characterised both for its ever-innovative program as well as its sensitivity to the topics such as the environment and the landscape.

Enzo Favata is also author and composer of original music scores for movies, radio dramas, theater work and documentaries, including the two famous German films in the 90s "With Love ... Fabia" and "The Sky Is Ever Bluer".

This time in Vietnam, Enzo will perform with his Glocal Report Quartet at the concert “Enzo Favata Glocal Report Quartet LIVE”. The seasoned musicians in the quartet have been performing and participating in music festivals all over the world.

An expressively skillful quartet, they are widely known for combining innovative music with several compositions where the sound alternates between Jazz, cosmic rock, Mediterranean music in a kaleidoscope of colors and melodies. It will be a lovely Italian night with poetic, energetic, melodious and world-class jazz that cannot be missed.





• Time: Saturday June 29th 2019, 20:00
• Venue: Saigon Opera House (07 Lam Son Square, D.1, HCMC)

Detail information and booking online at: https://dreamspass.vn/classicalmeetsjazz/


• Dress Circle: 900,000 VND
• Stall: 500.000 VND
• Stall Left & Stall Right: 350,000 VND
• Upper Circle: 350,000 VND
• Student: 100,000 VND


• Time: Sunday June 30th 2019, 20:00
• Venue: Soul Live Project Complex (216 Pasteur, District 3, HCMC)

Detail information and booking online at: https://dreamspass.vn/slp-enzofavata/


• VIP: 600,000 VND
• STALL: 400.000 VND
• Student: 360,000 VND (Note: A valid Student ID card is required to purchase a student ticket. Each Student ID card only valid for 01 ticket.)


Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO) is established with the aim of rejuvenating symphonic music and introducing what may be commonly known as a “hard to access” genre closer to the public and community. Targeting young music lovers aged 18-25, we hope to encourage young audience to experiment, experience and resonate with different music genres and cultures. SPYO wants to be the common voice of young people in promoting the music and culture of HCMC.

SPYO members will be mentored by active members of Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) and conductors of regional and international repute. SPYO will delight audience of all ages with performances that can only improve over time.


“I love Jazz and strongly believe this music, like any, is a gift to everyone. This is how I came up with the idea for ‘JumpforJazz’, a production company that not only aims to bring Jazz to as big and diverse an audience as possible, through a wide variety of concerts, but moreover strives to inspire and support young Vietnamese music students with a love for and a desire to play Jazz, by giving them a platform to play, learn and grow. I sincerely hope Viet Nam will soon be filled with many inspired and inspiring Jazz musicians.” - Nguyen Bao Long (Music Director & Band Leader).





ENZO FAVATA (soprano sax & bass clarinet)
ALFONSO SANTIMONE (piano & keyboards)
DANILO GALLO (electric bass)
UT GANDHI (drums)

Enzo Favata, Danilo Gallo, UT Gandhi and Alfonso Santimone all come together in an expressively strong quartet that combines innovative music ideas with several compositions from Favata’s historic repertoire, where poetry, virtuosity, energy, melodiousness, and high-level jazz intertwine with milonga and tango sounds, as well as Mediterranean melodies and rhythms from Sardinia.


Whether featured in movies like La La Land, Chicago, Midnight in Paris or through the storied lives of legends like Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Jazz music represents improvisation, syncopation and rhythm. There are many styles of Jazz to be explored and the Soul Live Project Series is proud to bring you on this journey of discovery. By bringing to Vietnam internationally acclaimed artists such as David Binney, Cuong Vu, and in 2019 with guitarist Bill Frisell and pianist Myra Melford, we aim to present the masterful and innovative sounds of international, regional and local Jazz artists in the intimate setting of the Soul Live Project Complex.


The SLP Series is our brand new project. Powered by Amberstone Media, it is a series of community-based performing arts events, with a variety of genres, including: CLASSICAL MUSIC – JAZZ – WORLD MUSIC – THEATRE - POP MUSIC – ALTERNATIVE INDIE/ROCK MUSIC – TRADITIONAL ARTS - DANCE. Anyone who is interested in or loves the performing arts can hold the SLP Passport to experience a myriad of different art forms. With this project, SLP Series offers the community the opportunity to travel the world of arts.

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