For this year's generation of Xiaomi 13 Lite, Xiaomi introduces a range of big changes from the curved screen and punch-hole camera to a brand-new processor. Is it a design dedicated to women?

Eye-catching, elegant design, unique curved screen

The classy look of Xiaomi 13 Lite is what impresses the most. The model is finished with high-quality materials such as glossy glass back and metal frames. This is worth mentioning since many other products of the same segment only have plastic back, which is less chic and less durable than glass.

Interestingly, despite the glossy back, the Xiaomi 13 Lite is quite sweat-proof and fingerprint-proof. Thus, the phone has become more elegant, spotless, and refined. The version we experience has a lite pink color, which gives an extremely comfy feeling when holding or using.

Hardly ever does Xiaomi equip a mid-range, near-high-end smartphone with a curved screen. But when it does with the Xiaomi 13 Lite, to be honest, this is a rational move as the Lite series has always been meant for young people, especially young women who love a slim and lightweight device that is handy and user-friendly. 

Xiaomi 13 Lite boasts all the screen specifications of a near high-end device, ranging from a large 6.55-inch AMOLED display with 68 billion colors to 120Hz refresh rate. Display quality is fair enough with crystal-clear details, good viewing angles, and deep blacks. The phone gives quite balanced color reproduction with hot colors such as red or orange displayed as a pleasing tone. 

While Xiaomi has not revealed Xiaomi 13 Lite’s brightness specification, GSMArena leaks that it is 940 nits. While this level is a bit lower compared to 1,200 nits or 1,300 nits of other products of the same segment, 940 nits can satisfactorily meet users’ needs for outdoor use. 

Great camera quality, outstanding performance

Xiaomi 13 Lite sports dual front cameras which have a similar hole-punch design with that of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, this pill does not have the ability to display notifications or interact with users’ gestures, but is merely a cluster of two selfie cameras. To make up for this, the smartphone has two LED flashes on the front to help users easily take selfies in low light conditions.

The quality of selfies is outstanding with clear details and nice contrast while distant backgrounds are reproduced and displayed vibrantly. Skin color is finely retouched, quite balanced, and retains its inherent nature.

As a mid-ranger, Xiaomi 13 Lite’s rear camera is not co-engineered with Leica like its predecessor. However, the image quality is exceptional. The shutter speed is fast, the details are rich, and the ability to process HDR or dynamic range is decent even when the sky is bloomy and cloudy. The colors reproduced tend to be brilliant.

In low light conditions, whether the night mode is on or off does not make a big difference with Xiaomi 13 Lite. The image brightness is satisfying, however, details in distance are not well reproduced, while those taken at different exposure levels all get overexposure and cannot be processed comprehensively. 

Xiaomi 13 Lite supports video recording with a maximum resolution of up to 4K. However, the front camera’s video resolution is limited at FullHD @ 30fps – a common weakness of Chinese smartphones. The output quality is good enough with stable frame balance, however, jerky frames do occur when users are walking or changing the filming angle.

Overall, at the price of VND10 million, Xiaomi 13 Lite offers high camera capabilities. The smartphone fully meets my shooting needs, and I can confidently share my images on social platforms without too much editing.

Xiaomi 13 Lite is empowered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. Basically, this is a slightly upgraded version of Snapdragon 778G with two key modifications: higher clock speed and newer process. Overall, the device can fully handle tasks ranging from basic to medium levels and play games that are not too large-sized. The 4nm process enables low heat generation, making users feel comfortable even when using the device for a long time.

The 4,500mAh battery is basically ideal for my daily use. Normally, the phone can operate for about 6 hours on-screen for mixed tasks and some 7 hours with lighter applications. The charger has a high capacity of 67W and takes only about 40 minutes to fully charge the device.

In short, Xiaomi 13 Lite is an interesting option in the near high-end smartphone segment in early 2023. Given a price of around VND11 million, this will be a great choice if you are looking for a smartphone with dashing design, curved screen, and quality camera cluster.