Yeah1 Group has introduced a platform to create apps newspapers called Appnews Vietnam, with an aim to help local press agencies optimize technology on mobile and improve revenue.



Yeah1 introduces Appnews

Local press agencies are face difficulties and have to share the "pie" for Google and Facebook.

Does Yeah1 have any solution to help them solve the problems?

Yeah1: Our aim when developing the platform is helping local press agencies improve their revenue. In the future, the system will allow agencies to collect fees from users by content or monthly subscription fee, thus helping them increase revenue and develop content.

With the suggested fee of VND3,000 per day per user, if noting that 40 million people read news, the revenue for 365 days would be $2 billion. This means that each press agency would have $9.5 million a year.

Yeah1 has built Yeah1 Media Adnetwork, which helps press agencies optimize their sources of income. The advertisement system would be deployed in different platforms from PC to mobile and apps. It will help them earn money from ads in all circumstances. The ads will be delivered to target customers, optimize the costs, and revenue and profit under the modes of CPM, CPA, CPC and CPL.

With the globally updated system according to international advertising standards, the company will provide high-quality traffic, which will bring big revenue.

We believe that with the solution, press agencies will be able to compete equally with Google and Facebook.

In Vietnam, the most powerful newspapers prove to be the ones backed by technology firms. However, not all press agencies have the support. How will Yeah1 give support to newspapers in technological solutions?

Yeah1: With the app creating platform, we will help newspapers have more revenue from the application, easily "communicate" with users in providing content and deliver ads to right subjects. The system integrates advertising tools, easy to customize and diverse display.

What do press agencies need to prepare to be able to cooperate with Appnews?

Yeah1: At present, the app creating platform for newspapers is provided free of charge. Newspapers just need to sign contracts with us and authorize Appnews Vietnam. Just within 3-7 days, they would have app versions on Google Play and Apple Store.

How will press agencies change if they cooperate with Appnews Vietnam?

Yeah1: There would be three big changes. First, press agencies would have one more high-quality channel to access readers. Second, we will bring more traffic from different channels. And third, they would have more sources of income. 

Ha Lan


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