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Retail stocks drop amid economic downturn and high interest rates

Retail stocks have dropped significantly due to the decline in business results in the context of the global economic recession and high interest rates.

PM pledges to further support enterprises at Vietnam Business Forum 2023

The Vietnamese Government commits to creating all possible conditions for businesses to growth further, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed at the Vietnam Business Forum 2023 (VBF 2023) in Hanoi on March 19.

Vietnam marks first regular flight from Beijing after three years

Vietnam Airlines conducted the first regular flight from Beijing (China) to Hanoi on March 19 after a three-year suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vietnam takes steps to make future more sustainable: Euronews

From the 1,600 islands of Ha Long Bay to the world’s largest cave, Viet Nam is now taking steps to make its future more sustainable, noted Euronews, an European television news network, in its article.

Vietnam courts int’l investment to build sustainable future

The UK site released an article about Viet Nam’s efforts to attract foreign trade and investment to build a sustainable future.


US businesses exploring investment, business opportunities in Vietnam

Hanoi digitizes tourist attractions improve travel experience

Digital transformation is one of the important solutions for tourist sites and travel businesses to build tours and attract visitors to Hanoi.


Handball teams secure 2024 World Beach Games slots

Vietnamese enterprises prepare for carbon credit market

Many countries are adopting emissions trading systems (ETS) as a means to reduce annual emissions and mitigate climate change. Therefore, Vietnamese companies must understand and actively participate in this market, whether they like it or not.

Close-up of the make-over famous tourist market in Da Nang

Han Market, a popular tourist site in the central city of Da Nang, has been renovated after more than 30 years of operation.

'Scary' dishes that visitors should try in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its variety of ingredients, but among them are a few names that surprise foreign tourists.

Proposed time limit for apartment ownership gets thumbs down

The National Assembly Standing Committee has not thrown its weight behind the time limit of apartment ownership as proposed in the draft of the revised Housing Law.

High school final-exam scores become less important for university admission

Universities are reserving fewer quotas to enroll students based only on high school final exam results.

Auto importers in Vietnam seek 50% cut in registration fee

The Vehicle Importers Vietnam Association (VIVA) has submitted a request to the Government seeking approval for a 50% reduction in registration fees for imported automobiles, matching the fee structure proposed for locally-made cars.

Chinese flock to Vietnam, target of 8 million foreign tourists within reach

Localities and travel firms all are ready to receive large groups of travelers from China. The goal to attract 8 million foreign travelers this year appears feasible.

Live-selling a rising trend in Southeast Asia

Live selling is a trend that has gained popularity in Southeast Asia in recent years as a way for businesses to sell their products or services directly to consumers, according to a report conducted by Ninja Van Vietnam.

EVN stops buying solar power from Trung Nam

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has unexpectedly stopped buying 172MW of solar power from Trung Nam Thuan Nam Plant as mentioned by the National Assembly's Committee of People’s Aspirations in a February report.

Animal feed industry asks for import tax reduction on raw materials

The Vietnamese Government has received a proposal from the Viet Nam Feed Association to eliminate the import tax on soybean meal, currently set at 2 per cent.

Vietnam detects 2nd case of canine fluke cyst in heart

A canine fluke cyst big as a ping pong ball was found in the heart muscle of a 75-year-old woman. This is the second case of heart fluke reported in Vietnam.

Cocky Buffalo and VTVcab set to deliver knockout year for boxing and MMA fans in Vietnam

2023 is shaping up to be a knockout year for boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) in Vietnam with a series of high-profile events set to take the sports scene by storm.

New tours aim to boost travel and attract international visitors

A new tourism route departing from Hà Nội to many tourist attractions in the northern province of Bắc Giang, including cultural, historical and spiritual heritage sites, natural landscape and craft villages, has been officially opened.

Exploring Vietnam's fourth highest mountain peak

The top of Bach Moc Luong Tu in Lao Cai Province, Vietnam, is a popular spot for tourists to watch the sunset and take pictures of floating clouds.

Children face risks in cyberspace with 87 per cent accessing internet daily

With 87 per cent of Vietnamese children aged 12-17 years old access the internet every day, they are facing a myriad of risks in cyberspace.

Vietnam remains promising market for Queensland meat exports

Vietnam has imported over 37,000 tons of beef from Australia since 2020, with the northeastern state of Queensland being a key supplier, according to the Trade and Investment Queensland-Vietnam (TIQ Vietnam) Office.

Georgian man detained for cheating Haiphong businessman

Police in the northern city of Haiphong announced on Friday that they had detained a Georgian man who was accused of swindling USD 30,000 from a gold shop in Le Chan District.