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 Dong Nai develops service area for int’l airport; 3G service fees likely to be hiked further; Lao Cai casino upgrades; Few takers for foreign currency loans; HCM City recalls 136 slow-moving projects

Vietnam considers reusing 2G to upgrade 3G services

Telecom groups have been put under a hard pressure that forces them to upgrade the 3G service quality after they raised 3G service fees. Therefore, they have insisted on reusing 2G frequency for 3G networks.

3G service fee increase unexpected produces a stir

 VietNamNet Bridge – 3G service turns out to be a violent battlefield for telecom groups. The market has become choppy after the three biggest network operators announce the service fee hike.

The paradox in the 3G market

 VietNamNet Bridge – In general, service providers will ease the service fees step by step to attract more users. However, this is not the thing happening in the Vietnamese 3G market.

OTT users likely to be forced to pay fee

 VietNamNet Bridge – Local authorities are mulling ways to tighten controls on over-the-top (OTT) apps that allow mobile phone users with either 3G or Wifi to make calls and send text messages at no charges.

Mobile network operators blame low 3G quality on low fees

 VietNamNet Bridge – 3G network operators keep complaining about the 3G low quality service, while network operators threaten to raise the service fees.

Subscribers urge network operators to improve 3G speed

Network operators have been told to reconsider their 3G connection speed, as 45 percent of users are still not satisfied with the service.

Mobile phone market getting packed in like sardines

VietNamNet Bridge – Though the mobile phone sales reportedly dropped dramatically, more and more manufacturers and distributors still jump into the market.

Vietnam – the paradise for 3G users

VietNamNet Bridge – Being a developing country, Vietnam has the 3G telecom infrastructure conditions equal to that of developed countries in the world.

Subscribers grow in crisis, 3G swims “against the current”

VietNamNet Bridge – The slow growth of the telecom subscribers in 2012 has been attributed to the economic crisis. However, in such a crisis, 3G services still made a big leap.