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Feature phones in Vietnam may fall in usage by 70% next year

Under the impact of the regulation to stop importing 2G and 3G phones from July 1, 2021, the number of 2G feature phones is anticipated to decrease by 70% by 2022.

Report on quality of mobile telecommunications services released

Infrastructure indicators are part of the criteria to assess national competitiveness. 

Vietnam’s second largest telco gets green light for 5G tech tests

Vietnam’s second largest telco is ready in terms of technology, technology and network structure for deploying commercial 5G network.

Shutting down 2G not feasible as 70 million still subscribe

VietNamNet Bridge - About 70 million people subscribe to 2G in Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC).

Small network operators quietly prepare for new game

VietNamNet Bridge - The market was still dominated by the three biggest players – VinaFone, MobiFone and Viettel -- but sources said small operators were preparing for a new game.

Which markets have Vietnamese telcos entered?

VietNamNet Bridge - Three out of five Vietnamese telcos have reached out to foreign markets.

Which way out for small mobile networks: 3G or 4G?

VietNamNet Bridge - Developing data products is the only choice for small networks amid pressure from the giant telecoms VinaPhone, MobiFone and Viettel.

MobiFone pilots 4G, MobiTV services

The MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation (MobiFone), the second-largest mobile operator in terms of subscribers, has started piloting its 4G and MobiTV services July 1.

Networks defend 3G capacity as customers complain about slow services

VietNamNet Bridge - While customers of all mobile networks complain about slow 3G services, network operators say their 3G network capacity is large and speed is sufficient.

Network operators offer preferences for 3G services, clear way for 4G

VietNamNet Bridge - Mobile network operators have recently offered preferences to 3G subscribers, while moving ahead with plans to deploy 4G.

Vietnam’s laptop market becoming saturated

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese don’t spend as much money on laptops as they did in the past because they have many other choices, from tablets to smartphones.

Vietnamobile, Gmobile to heat telecom market

New investment plans have been prepared by foreign investors for Vietnamobile and Gmobile with hopes of remapping the telecom market, which has been dominated by big Vietnamese players.

VN needs road map for ending 2G service

 Viet Nam needs a road map for full termination of second generation network (2G) services and adopting 4G as around 65 per cent of Vietnamese are still using 2G.

Telecoms admit that 3G service has been unsuccessful

VietNamNet Bridge - Mobile network operators, while admitting that they unsuccessfully developed 3G, say they have learned a lesson from this and will change their approach to 4G.

It’s time to start 4G

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts believe that it is time for mobile network operators to open the 4G playing field. Viettel has announced it will begin providing 4G services soon.

The flip side of the cheap 3G service fee

VietNamNet Bridge - The cheap 3G service fee in Vietnam, the lowest in the world, is blamed for the low quality of services.

3G coverage jammed by signal amplifiers

VietNamNet Bridge - The use of substandard signal amplifiers has jammed mobile networks and slowed down 3G coverage in Vietnam.

Why are 3G service fees in Vietnam cheap?

VietNamNet Bridge - The 3G data service fees in Vietnam are surprisingly low partly due to competition between network operators, which have been lowering the selling prices.

The time for 4G has come

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Information and Communications and big tech companies in Vietnam are implementing 4G, which is expected to begin in late 2015.

What will 3G competition be like in 2015?

VietNamNet Bridge – Increasing the number of 3G subscribers and developing 3G-based services that connect smart mobile devices will be the most important tasks for telcos in 2015.