Built on an area of 5,000m2, Ho Guom Theater is located at 40-40A Hang Bai Street in Hanoi. It is one of the landmarks in an area rich in cultural works, and historical sites of the capital, forming a cultural, artistic, and entertainment complex around Hoan Kiem Lake. 

Ho Guom Theater can accommodate up to 1,400 guests. The center stage system and the seats can be raised or lowered to help transform into many different types of stages.

It is equipped with a high-tech system, which includes an Array speaker system and a Constellation sound system - the most modern sound system in the world.

The theater also has a backstage area and multi-purpose space, as well as service areas that fulfill the needs of artists and guests. Other areas of the theater serve as art exhibitions, seminars, conferences and outdoor performance areas.

The old European architecture still recreates a part of the history of Vietnam through traditional patterns representing Vietnamese culture.

Ho Guom Theatre comes into view with the highlight of older European architecture exuding luxury and splendor from 52 monolithic stone columns imported directly from Spain. The ceiling lighting scheme of the theater's main hall is inspired by the starry night sky with magnificent lights, making the theater shimmer at night.

Every design detail of the roof system and interior of the theater recreates a part of the history of the Vietnamese people through traditional patterns representing Vietnamese culture, such as the sun, crane, Dong Son bronze drums, and ethnic musical instruments.

It has modern facilities of international standards. The large auditorium can seat 900 guests, while the small auditorium can accommodate 500. The stage is expandable for a capacity of 90 musicians. It rotates to create a music pit, a place for musicians to perform, helping the audience fully focus on the stage without obstructing their view. The lighting systems provide the best lighting for the auditorium. The modern stage system creates the most beautiful theatrical scenes.

This will be the place to showcase Vietnamese and international artworks. With two auditoriums, the most modern stage in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, this place will meet all performance requirements for a variety of different art forms, from ballet to musical, from Western symphonies to Vietnamese traditional and modern music, and theater and other art forms.

The Ho Guom Opera’s classical European architecture exudes luxury and splendor. Its 52 monolithic stone columns, each 18 meters high, were imported from Spain.

The theater’s classical elements recall the earliest theaters of mankind. Every design detail of the roof system and interior reflects Vietnamese history, using traditional motifs of Vietnamese culture, such as the sun, cranes, Dong Son bronze drums, and ethnic musical instruments.

More modern elements are found in the building’s windows and dome. The roof of the hall is decorated with reliefs of events in Vietnam’s history.

The theater is divided into functional zones. A large hall and a smaller front hall welcomes guests. The main auditorium can seat 900 guests. A smaller auditorium can accommodate 500 guests.

The rows of columns create a classical formality, but the lobby roof’s inverted arches make the structure less angular and glass blocks add a more modern look.

The main hall is inspired by the starry night sky. The space of the large auditorium is stylized from the image of rice in the logo of the People’s Public Security force.

At the entrance to the stage on both wings and outside the gate, there is a wheelchair lane for the disabled.

The steps around the lobby are decorated with LED strips, creating a luxurious modern feel.

The Ho Guom theater is equipped with modern facilities, advanced technical infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology for sound, light, and staging.

The small auditorium is designed like a blooming flower to spread sound waves. Its flexible ceiling system can be moved to suit the requirements of different performances.

This is the most modern stage in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

The theater’s lighting is also adaptable to different art forms requiring different performance spaces.

The facilities of the Ho Guom Opera House are suitable for conferences and seminars specialized for the arts and other fields.

The sound system of world-class Array and Constellation speakers delivers clear audio to every seat.

Pictured is one of the theater’s many Constellation speakers. Only a few theaters in the world are equipped with this cutting-edge sound system.

There is a reception area for VIP guests.
 The Ho Guom Opera House will become a venue for domestic and foreign cultural exchanges, and a venue for international artists and art troupes to perform.

The Ho Guom Opera House will link to other cultural, historical, and architectural sites near Hoan Kiem Lake to create a cultural complex in the heart of the capital.

Hoang Ha