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The air pollution in Hanoi is getting more serious, partly due to emissions from coal-fired power and cement plants located in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.

Will electric vehicles replace motorbikes in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have rung the alarm bell over the increase in the concentration of benzene, nitrous oxide and other toxic substances in the air in Vietnam.

Pollution fee a burden on the poor

The HCM City Transport Department has suggested that municipal authorities create a plan to control vehicle emissions and collect pollution fees.

Hanoi vows to cut number of private vehicles to ease pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental experts say 70 percent of the volume of exhaust gas emitted into the environment comes from transport vehicles. 

Ministry sets stricter emission standards, old cars to disappear from circulation

VietNamNet Bridge - By mid-2018, Vietnam had more than 184,120 vehicles over 20 years old, of which 2,613 passenger vehicles with over nine seats had expired. 

Air pollution is the leading killer in Vietnam

Of the 10 diseases with highest mortality rates in Vietnam, six are respiratory diseases related to air pollution and air quality, according to a ministry report.

Hanoi fumbles about solutions to combat air pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi is still struggling to find solutions to curb the development of cars and motorcycles, which is believed to be the major reason behind serious air pollution in the city.

Air quality getting worse as legal loopholes still exists

VietNamNet Bridge - The air pollution in Vietnam is increasing in urban areas and industrial zones, mostly due to legal loopholes. 

Scientists find DNA-destroying nano dust in Vietnam

Scientists have found PM1.0 fine dust and nano dust ≤ 0,1µm in the air in Vietnam. This type of dust can penetrate through all barriers of a human’s respiratory system, blocking the alveolar holes for oxygen exchange, thus affecting DNA structure.

Urbanites face health risks from air pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Coal-fired thermal power plants which emit huge amounts of dust are still not required to issue reports on the possible impact on people’s health.

Legal loopholes weaken management of air pollution

Despite great efforts to control air quality, air pollution is still high. Many experts blame legal loopholes and weak enforcement for the problem. 

Air pollution challenges Vietnam’s socio-economic development

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have repeatedly warned about declining air quality. However, settling the problem is difficult despite an existing legal framework.

Mercury crosses border gates, affecting environment

VietNamNet Bridge - Acid deposition and photochemical smog have appeared in recent years, mostly in summer months when the weather is dry and hot, especially in large urban areas such as Hanoi and HCMC.

Smog in key northern China region rises in first four months of year

 Air pollution in a key Chinese region surrounding Beijing worsened in the first four months of this year, despite tough new campaigns to enforce green regulations and punish offenders, 

It’s time to have a law on controlling air pollution: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Air pollution is getting more serious in large urban areas, with pollution in the north more serious than the south. 

HCM City asks State for additional $2 billion of ODA

HCM City authorities have asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ministry of Finance to allocate an additional VND48.762 trillion of official development assistance (ODA) in the next three years,

How serious is air pollution in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - Every year, Vietnam loses 5 percent of GDP due to pollution. Last year, Hanoi topped the list of the most polluted cities in South East Asia.

Air pollution in Hanoi reaches hazardous levels

 VietNamNet Bridge – Air pollution in the capital city, which has been bad since last Tuesday, is so severe now that health experts have warned people to stay indoors.

Madrid to ban old cars by 2025 in crackdown on air pollution

 Madrid's city government announced plans on Monday to ban the oldest and most polluting vehicles from the city center by 2025 in a bid to crackdown on air pollution.

Hanoi's drive to remove old vehicles off streets faces social barriers

VietNamNet Bridge - Problems related to people's daily lives, legal loopholes and bad management all will make it difficult to implement the plan to recall old substandard vehicles.