VietNamNet Bridge – Thanks to the new alcohol testing technique, the result will be available after 30 seconds, instead of 10 minutes. The technique has been experimentally implemented in Quang Ninh province and will be applied on a nation-wide scale from this lunar New Year (Tet).


Photo: Tien Phong

According to Major-General Nguyen Van Tuyen, Director of the Road-Railway Police Agency, drivers will not have to leave their cars for the test since it will take only ten seconds. If the result is alcohol free, the drivers can go immediately.

This technique has been used in many countries in the world. "With this technique, each fixed position will have 10 police officers, who will be equipped with an alcohol quick test device each," said Tuyen.

During 20 days of experimental use in Quang Ninh province, the traffic police carried out 3,500 tests, detecting 170 violators.

After the pilot phase, this technique will be implemented throughout the country, from this Tet holiday, Tuyen added.

This is the first time Vietnamese traffic police set up fixed stations for alcohol quick tests, using the new technique.

The police said that the new technique helps reduce spending on one-time test devices, which are only used for the drivers who are surely drunk.

Le Ha