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Impressed with the traditional Tet holiday (Lunar New Year) in Hanoi, many international photographers visited Vietnam’s capital city on the occasion to capture the scenes of idyllic and warm Tet.

12 major spring festivals in northern Vietnam

Spring is unanimously the most festive season in Vietnam in general and the North in particular.

Staples of northerners’ traditional new-year feast

There is a certain selection of dishes that almost every family will have on Tet or Lunar New Year.

Yellow apricot blossom – a symbol of Tet in Vietnam

Apart from peach flower and marumi kumquat, Vietnamese, especially southerners, often celebrate the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival with yellow apricot blossom (Ochna integerrima) that symbolises good luck, wealth, good health, happiness and love.

Lucky money giveaway - an exchange of best New Year wishes

Giving away lucky money is a traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) custom through which Vietnamese people exchange the best wishes with one another, hoping for a year of peace and good luck.

Popular Lunar New Year traditions in Vietnam

The festival which best epitomises Vietnam's cultural identity is the Lunar New Year or Tet, with a lot of meaningful customs and traditional special foods.

Indonesian man hooked on Vietnamese Tet holiday

As a non-Vietnamese residing in Quebec (Canada), Herman's heart swells whenever the Lunar New Year approaches. For him, the best way to immerse himself in the culture is to cook up a typical Vietnamese meal.

VND350 billion orange grove waiting for Tet

An orange grove worth hundreds of billions in Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province is now ripe and ready for harvesting. Farmers are stocking up to prepare for the Tet season when prices go up.

Pets stay at luxury hotels, use spa services while owners are away during Tet

Many people have booked hotel rooms for their pets while they are away during Tet holiday. At luxury hotels, the pets not only receive special healthcare services, but also enjoy spa services and have their pictures taken.

The important cultural value of traditional Tet dishes

During Tet, Vietnam’s biggest holiday of the year, families from all around the world try to return home for a special reunion and to welcome in the Lunar New Year together. 

ALL - Accor Live Limitless celebrates Lunar New Year with latest rewards offer

In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year, ALL - Accor Live Limitless is rewarding its members with 888 reward points for stays of two nights or longer across Vietnam.

The largest peach blossom garden in Hanoi

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ornamental peach blossom market is booming.

The Lunar New Year of overseas Vietnamese students

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many overseas Vietnamese students will not be able to return to Vietnam to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays (Tet).

Tiger images in antiques displayed

More than 30 antiques and documents bearing images of tigers are on display at the National Museum of Vietnamese History in downtown Hanoi.

Adverse weather events 'unlikely' during Tet holiday

Northern Vietnam will experience a cold Tet with drizzle, whilst central and southern Vietnam will be sunny and dry.

People fear anti-pandemic measures that could prevent Tet celebrations

Some localities don’t want residents to return to hometowns to celebrate Tet holiday and have set extreme anti-pandemic measures.

COVID-19 outbreak forces suspension of Hanoi spring festivals

Many spring festivals in the capital city of Hanoi will be halted for the second straight year due to complicated COVID-19 developments.

Hanoi cancels fireworks display on lunar New Year’s Eve

Hanoi will not set off fireworks on lunar New Year’s Eve this year in an effort to focus on the ongoing COVID-19 fight and protect local people’s life.

Localities apply inconsistent COVID-19 travel regulations over Tet

Cities and provinces are applying their own varying COVID-19 travel regulations, leaving people planning to visit their hometowns for Tet puzzled.

COVID-19 forces suspension of Hanoi spring festivals

Many spring festivals in the capital city of Hanoi will be halted as it is applying COVID-19 preventive measures.