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Vietnam shares experience in poverty reduction, crisis settlement at UN CSocD session

Vietnam shared experience in promoting poverty reduction and overcoming difficulties during crisis at the 60th session of the UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD) that is taking place from February 7-16 in New York.

Vietnam reviews two years as United Nations Security Council non-permanent member

Vietnam had a successful tenure as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for 2020-2021.

Countries must show responsibility in controlling illegal weapons: Vietnamese diplomat

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN, has emphasised that countries must be held accountable for ensuring the management and control of weapons and fighting crime and illegal weapons.

Sea level rise – challenge to int’l peace: ambassador

Vietnam shares difficulties facing small island developing states, coastal countries and those located below the sea level that are grappling with adverse impacts of the phenomenon.

Vietnam supports equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution, human rights protection

Vietnam has underlined the need to enhance global solidarity, promote the production and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine at a reasonable cost in a timely and universal manner across the world.

Vietnam affirms importance of humanitarian aid to Syrian people

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has highlighted the need to prioritise humanitarian assistance efforts to help Syrian people overcome impacts of the crisis in Syria.

Vietnam calls on parties in Yemen to accept UN-led peace proposal

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Vietnam's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, called on all relevant parties in Yemen to accept the UN-led peace proposal while addressing a UN Security Council meeting on August 23.

UNSC: Vietnam calls for efforts to ensure safety for civilians in Afghanistan

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Vietnam's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has emphasised the top priority to ending violence, protecting civilians, especially women and children, 

Vietnam affirms stance on condemning use of chemical weapons

Vietnam affirmed its stance on condemning the use of chemical weapons and emphasised the need to respect and fully implement the Chemical Weapons Convention at the United Nations Security Council’s meeting 

Vietnam calls for end to violence in West Bank

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, expressed his concern about continued violence in the Occupied Palestine Territory, particularly in the West Bank, 

Vietnam concerned about unequal COVID-19 vaccination among nations

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many inequalities between countries, including the anxious gap in vaccination against COVID-19 that could threaten peace-building efforts and development achievements,

Vietnam welcomes efforts by UN centre for preventive diplomacy in Central Asia

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, has appreciated efforts made by the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) 

UNSC: Vietnam supports comprehensive political solution in Libya

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy has welcomed positive developments in politics and security in Libya, and affirmed Vietnam’s support to a comprehensive political solution led and owned by Libyan people.

Ambassador: Vietnam condemns attacks against civilians in Ethiopia

Vietnam condemns and calls for immediate end to attacks against civilians, essential civil infrastructure and humanitarian aid agencies and staff in Ethiopia, said Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Vietnam-co-initiated Group of Friends on UNCLOS debuts in New York

A Group of Friends on the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), an initiative by Vietnam and Germany, was launched at a New York event on June 30, 

Vietnam calls for more efforts to stabilise situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vietnam has called for increased efforts to address challenges, stabilise the political situation, develop the economy and improve the lives of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vietnam pledges to continue contributing to UN mission in South Sudan

Vietnam will continue to make positive contributions to the United Nations (UN) Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and increase the engagement of female officers in the mission, 

Vietnam emphasises need to immediately end violence in Myanmar

A Vietnamese diplomat has reiterated the call to all stakeholders in Myanmar to immediately end violence, restore trust, begin dialogue and conciliation, and implement the five-point consensus reached by ASEAN leaders in April this year.

Vietnam calls for stakeholders’ support for political process in Haiti

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese mission to the United Nations, has urged all stakeholders to enhance dialogue and make good preparations to ensure fair and transparent upcoming elections in Haiti.

Vietnam calls for efforts to prevent hunger in Ethiopia

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on June 15 held an informal interactive dialogue on the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.